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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Someone had our login info and we got this fix -but you banned us again and we were on diff ip’s and all on at the same time — so whats the reason for saying that we are a multi now You say that they will get this fix, but they never answer any of our questions. WE ARE ALL DIFF accounts but they keep banning us and they say we are a muilt account but they banned all, so what on would be the real one if they are right. We have spent almost 8 grand with you people and they keep banning us for the wrong reasons, you need to get this fix or gave us back our money Look under mattfletcher929 account to see what is going on and we want some one that can read if you want use to quit writing you then have someone one in charge talk to us and not your free people that cannot read They still have not got a hold of me yet They just keep the moneys because thier servers can not handle the load so they have to kick people

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