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Published: 08 January 2018

Posted by: Sandra

Hello everyone, I could sure use some help. I made a post about this on other forums and I hope to get a response somewhere. I was contacted by phone today by Gamepals collection agency saying if I don”t pay them the 500.00 dollars I owed them, it will hit my credit in a few days. ( that was a shock!) I asked him what the 500.00 was for, and he said for a WoW account I sold them in february of “08 and they accused me of regaining ownership of the account. I hadn”t dealt with Gamepal since back in 2/08 so I checked my record of e-mails and they did send me an e-mail in 2/08 saying the account I sold them had been recalled. The e-mail also said if I do not give them the password they would file a claim and charge me for $420 + the amount of the account I sold them. Also, it stated that if I don”t pay them then I would have to fly to Raleigh, NC and go to court. So now all this time has passed and their collections agency called and said I owe gamepal money. I did not regain control of the account and the account did not belong to me in the first place. I asked him what proof they had (remember this is their collections agency I was talking to) and they said gamepal contacted blizzard and confirmed I regained control of the account. This is obviously a load of crap because I did no such thing, and couldn”t even if i wanted to as the account didn”t belong to me in the first place. Even if it was actually my account and I did recall it, blizzard would never give out my information. I asked the collections agency to give me the phone number of gamepal so that I may speak with someone there and he told me gamepal doesn”t have a phone number and I should e-mail them. I sent them an e-mail saying I did not recall any account and that they have no proof because no such proof exists. I told them to stop contacting me and to tell their collections agency to stop contacting me. I googled gamepal and collections agency and I got a lot of results saying gamepal almost went broke a year ago and were trying to get money any way they can and that many people were in situations like this with gamepal. Some people say ignore them, and some say hire a lawyer to write a letter for $100. I know I was stupid for using gamepal in the first place, but do they have any legal means to make me pay the money or make me go to court? What should I do? Their collection agency told me my credit was about to get hit because I have not paid them. Do they have any legitimate case on me at all? I”m worried because the transaction back then was done through paypal and they have my paypal information and have my home address. I”m a college student and can”t afford to fly to NC and go to court. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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