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Published: 25 February 2018

Posted by: JDH70

1. Relatives get $800 gift voucher when buy a new car from Pennant Hills Auto, and give it to us because we have young kids. 2. Gap Studios refuse to disclose price beforehand 3. Spend 3 hours there: waiting, getting the photo shoot, waiting and then seeing the photos. 4. We are told that any photos we do not buy will be deleted and it costs about $500 a photo. We chose our ten favourite and the rest were deleted. It is emotionally hard letting good photos of the kids and family be deleted when you have not had time to get family photos. 5. We were told that the two cheapest options were to get a box set of ten photos for $2000 = $1200 after the voucher, or a family set (box set and three of the ten photos framed) for $2900 = $2100 after the voucher. 6. Seemed greatly overpriced as we had got a family portrait and baby photos done five years ago when our son had just been born for about 1/3 the price. However, we had spent the time and I did not have the heart to delete the best ten photos. So I agreed to the cheapest option. 7. With the kids (3 years and 5 years) having enough of being there for 3 hours and being in shock about the price, I did not register that the contract had price at $2000 instead of $1200 I had been told, and signed it. 8. I realised this immediately when we got home and wrote it down. However we could not call because it was Saturday night and they were closed until Wednesday. I left for a business trip and left it to my wife t sort it out. My wife contacted them as soon as they were open but could not get a reasonable outcome. 9. The whole process is very deceptive and unreasonably priced. They would not get much business if they disclosed the price upfront. They gift voucher also seems suspect that it is genuine.

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