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Published: 25 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I specifically read about this and read and nowhere did it say they were going to charge me $38.71 when I got my supply. All I had to do was pay for shipping for my free trial….. As soon as I got it I called to ask about the little card I got with it that informed me that they would be taking out every month $38.71 for my monthly supply and as of today (they day I recieved it) was taking out the $38.71 now. I said I was sending it back I did not know that was the case or I never would have agreed to that so I had to get the number of something for the return I had to pay for and they were still going to take the money out for the supply I was sending back and would have to refund it when they recieved the supply back…. I am on a fixed income and I feel this company needs to be reported. I have used other products that have the same trials and have not had this happen to me. Please warn the consumers who are falling for this scam……. I am out about $55.00 as of right now and who knows how much more since they have my account number. I guess I have to change my account again. Please Please do something. .

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I filed a police report today… they are going to try to trace url from emails… I also have an outside company doing the same

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They have been scamming online gullible buyers for past 5 years (5 years they have been in this business according to them) Email hacker


I would just like everyone to know this company and how it operates first hand. And as a customer of this company for more than two years

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