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Published: 05 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been renting from Garner since October 2012, the issues in my unit (Duplex-2 units) did not start until after I signed my lease for another year In 2013. Since then my unit (and my neighbor’s) have been overrun with mice. When you call Garner about ANY maintenance issue most times they give you solutions on what to do, other times they say the issue is NOT their responsibility. I had an issue with my toilet running and not flushing properly…no biggie to Garner…”Just pull the top off of the toilet and jiggle that line with the black ball on it, and that should work”. It didn’t!!! Two months later my toilet overflowed the entire bathroom, hallway, my bedroom, and caused my kitchen ceiling to fall in my kitchen floor!! It Still took them (3) days to send someone to check on the issue. By then the mess was gone and WE put plastic on the ceiling to cover the hole. They tried to blame us for the bathroom flooding until I told them to check their records and they realized I had placed a work order for the toilet more than (2) months prior to the flood. All of my inside doors are flimsy. My girl’s room door will wobble back and forth if there were a breeze…that is how flimsy the doors are. I told them that my bathroom has never been heated and we freeze in the winter while bathing, they told my that it was because the door came too far down to the floor and no air could get through to heat it. So that’s still not their fault??? My outside screen door (back door) has been fixed at least (10) times since I’ve been here, I assume because I am disabled I could not conclude that the darned hardware would not stick because the foundation is chipped and raggedy!! (Not rocket Science). After the “flood” much padding was removed from underneath the carpet, it has been more than a year and the padding they said they’d replace, is still missing. My daughters both have asthma and/ or allergies, and my son has Sickle Cell Anemia, he’s ADHD and also has asthma. I have lived here almost (3) years, I have never had a complaint against me, nor has my rent EVER been late. It is frustrating trying to be an understanding cooperative tenant when these issues continue! I am a section 8 tenant and believe that makes a difference. Many companies accept the Government subsidy because they KNOW they can get away with the bare minimum. I have lived here almost (3) years, but will be tossed aside as soon as I move. I say that to say this, once I move I will NOT receive a good reference from them, know why? Because I complained about bad treatment and fought for my rights. Everything is okay as long as you get a roof for your kids, and keep your “poor” mouth shut! Currently since February 13, 2015, we have had no water in either unit. (Myself nor my neighbor). We both called Garner and informed them of frozen pipes that day and well…today is the 24th, and we are STILL without water. The plumber comes but is never “equipped” to do his job and always has to leave, and of course he won’t be back for at least 24 hours! Now, my furnace won’t come on in below zero temperatures! Anyone who has or knows someone who has asthma, KNOWS the cold is NOT it’s friend. Before you ask the question even mentally, YES, I am already planning to move. I plan to start a website expressly for businesses like this…not a paid site either, FREE so people can see who’s ripping who off! People say that Section 8 recipients are living high on the hog, really? What State are THEY in? I want to inform the public of companies like Garner that take advantage of the poor and skip out on ANY responsibility for their own dilapidated properties. .

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