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Published: 14 December 2017

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My experience at Garnet Hill with my mother was an absolute nightmare from the day she got there, until I pulled her out to save her live 5 days later. On May 15 my mother arrived at this facility after having a unique operation for an infection of the hip replacement that was done several years before. She had spent a week in the hospital prior and it’s important to note, that she had zero problems….until she arrived at Garnet Hill. On May 16 my mother called me up and said “they are trying to kill me”. I went up there for obvious reasons, and I found her to be very upset and rattled. I inquired to what was going on after mom said something about an “experiment” that was being done to her. I was assured that nothing like that was being done and she may be having a reaction to the pain meds. On May 17th I went to visit her and I found her laying in a pee soaked bed with her braces off and bedding strung all over the room. I asked her neighbor “when was the last time someone was in here”? and she said mom had been like that for over an hour and a half. At this point mom was not in her right mind and appeared to be delusional and hallucinating. Again, I inquired about this, and they said that they were very sorry about the bed situation and it would never happen again. We agreed to take her off the pain meds in fear that she was having a reaction to it On May 18th mom’s condition was worsening. She was starting to see things that were not there, she was crying out, scared out of her mind, and again, I saw that she had wet the bed and no one had cleaned it up. Mom was telling me that they were “hurting her”. I demanded to talk to the administrator and head nurse. I explained that they had a woman who NEVER has exhibited this kind of behavior before scared out of her mind, laying in her own urine, and a staff that in my observation, didn’t give a damn and we needed this to end. They assured me that they were investigating this matter and they are working on getting her back in a frame of mind that was more normal. Monday May 19, I had a meeting with the Administrator, and the head nurse. They wanted money you see. I agreed to a bank draft of x amount of dollars a month, and they took down my concerns. I assured them that this was going to be the very last time we have this conversation. They next go around would be a complaint to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and an attorney. They said “no need for those extreams….we will make this right”. OK. THAT NIGHT, I was visiting mom, and she was making less since than ever. She had to do her business and I asked an orderly to come in with a bed pan to help her. She acted like I asked her to recite the bill of rights…just looked at me like a deer caught in headlights. I finally got her in the room and she appeared either she didn’t’ know what she was doing or didn’t want to do it. She got mom on the bedpan and after it was over, some spilled on the bed. She then left and 5 min later no one came back in to change her sheets. I went in the hall and asked when she was going to change the bedding, and she said “I wasn’t going to” I demanded that it be done and she finally came in with reluctance to do it. Mom’s room had signs all over saying to not move the right leg. This lady got half way done changing the sheets and deliberately and forcefully yanked on the sheets where her right leg was and it moved at an angle. Mom was screaming bloody murder and I threw that orderly out of her room. I demanded that someone else come in who knew what they were doing. NO ONE CAME. I had to finish changing her bedding myself. I saw three orderlies out in the all talking about it and laughing. After I left, I got a phone call that mom had been STANDING and screaming in pain trying to get out. They called me 2 hours after to tell me this. It was about this time when I checked the messages at the house and her surgeon called saying that she had missed her follow up appointment. This place was supposed to make sure that she makes all doctor’s appointments. I went to Garnet Hill immediately on the early morning hours of the 20th in fear of her life and I had her pulled out, taken to the hospital, and reevaluated. The hospital staff was blown away. They said she was over medicated, and could have overdosed. She had to be rapid detoxed, and they made arrangements to have her to go another facility….one that is safe, and one that is reputable. DO NOT TAKE ANYONE YOU LOVE TO THIS PLACE…..not unless you are ready to pay for their funeral. I’m filing my complaint with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and now that mom is lucid and back to her old self, she wants to pursue her legal options. She did tell me the last thing she remembers clearly was that they were giving her four (4) 8 MG dilaudid’s at a time. That’s enough to kill an elephant. If this story saves one life of one love one, then it’s worth me telling this story. PLEASE, think twice of this place. PLEASE.

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