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Published: 21 July 2019

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Officer Gary Soules has been removed as an Oxford CT Town Police Officer for many reasons no of which are included in the article in the Republican American. Why he was really fired, he was actually under investigation for sexual acts with a minor before he was hired as a police officer. And then wiggled his way into a job a police station, while at the police station he started texting other officer’s underage daughters this is the real reason. HOW DO I KNOW I WORKED WITH YOU, YOU F****** SCUMBAG Click the link to read the official Record which is bad enough but the real reasons are below. I know what you are thinking ,,,but your wrong this is a real and true account I worked with this little scumbag. He a fraud of the highest degree, and he is a psychopath, with an inflated ego and he has the characteristics of all child predators and rapists: He is a little person physically small in stature: that is why he became a cop, he is a typically little scumbag that needs to hide behind a badge to take on real men.. But now even the police know you are a scumbag Bullied as a little kid because he is just a b****: now an adult (I would have said grown man but he is just a little 125lbs b****) he wears a badge and a gun taking out him being inadequate as a man on the poor citizens of a small town He joined the force at the age of 21 and immediately was aggressive: to the kind people of OXFORD, NOT what you look for in law enforcement in a small town. Gary Soules is TO STUPID to understand his job. Oh IGNORANCE is a key characteristic for psychopaths Joined the military and was written up in several papers touting him a hero: Typical psychopath behavior from little inconsequential people. Making everyone think you are a hero so they look the other way. Even more disgusting is this scumbags FACEBOOK page. YOU ARE NOT A HERO YOU ARE A SCUMBAG. YOU SCUMBAG IN CLOSING you are a little scumbag and deserved to lose your job, we are watching you THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF OXFORD

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