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Published: 21 October 2018

Posted by: Jim Yerger

Buyer beware of this dealership. Not to impune the honor of the people that Malcolm L. and Jeanette R. dealt with, but my dealings with the salesperson, the service manager, and the GM left me disgusted and completely dissatisfied with the “customer service.” I bought a 2007 Mercury Montego from this dealership in May of this year. When test driving this vehicle, my wife and I noticed the car’s air conditioning didn’t get cold. However, once we jumped on the highway, the A/C system compressed and seemed to work better. We figured the car was hot from sitting in the sun and was just taking longer to cool off. Wrong. Two weeks after I purchased it, I noticed the same things. The car’s A/C would blow warm air at low speeds and when sitting in traffic—which never happens in Dallas, right? I took it to another dealership to get checked out. Turns out the A/C compressor and the schrader valves are shot. The salesperson, the service manager, and the GM all refuse to accept responsiblity for an obvious pre-existing condition. In an attempt to be reasonable, I offered to purchase the replacement parts if they would just pick up the labor by repairing the car in their shop. Nothing doing. They refused to cooperate and work towards a mutually beneficial solution to the problem. Do NOT visit this dealership. You may roll the dice and get a good car and an honest salesperson. But with thousands of dollars at risk on your purchase, is that a risk your willing to take? In hindsight, I wouldn’t.

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