Gateway One Lending screwed me over with a scam of $500

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Published: 30 August 2017

Posted by: Ethel J. Watson

That son of a bitch Alex, along with his co-scammer guy called Evan, know exactly how to weed out dumb people like me and make bucks out of their naivety.
It was in the month of August last year that I landed up only to be trapped in their messy and conning offer. I run a small call center and was looking for some fresh leads to be distributed to my employees. I ordered the first batch, just to try these assholes out, for about a $150 and only to disappoint me further, all of them were processed leads, forged with made up details and there was nuthin authentic of them.
These two are superb game planner and have the ability to con you and snatch your bucks right from your hand, before you realize that they are false. I promise to break their heads if I ever get a chance.
They take advantage of people and spend all their time in arranging and imagining the leads that they further distribute. They somehow were successful in conning me and making stories of a wrong folder got sent and all of their shit stories. They promised be to send another authentic leads program me in replacement of the previous con sent to me.
T’was okay with it as I anyways had already paid them and was looking for a fresh batch of details from them. I lost my cool when they without letting me know, without my consent charged my credit card yet another time and this time for a hefty $350 straight away.
I just lost my mind and more than be annoyed at this move from them, I was really skeptical about their audacity to do anything as such.
I have not been conned for a full $500 and post to that the leads came in, nor did I ever gotta chance to speak with these fucking bad ass guys.
Guys trust me they are nothing else but scammers, but the way they are doing all of this is actually surprising. I mean they are just not bothered about the reputation of their comp and as they run many more like these.
The max I was able to discover about these two muggers is that they keep changing their trading business names, I’m unsure of all their names, but they put an existing one at halt after doing bigger frauds and continue trading with another name, so this way they have been able to con different people from all over the country, pretty easily.
There are numerous sites running over the web, all with dishonest practices, fake promises, untrue deals and everything so negative.
I will certainly do something, even if the process is slow, the law would certainly get a hold of these bastards today or tomorrow, anyways. They own me my money back and always the peace of mind they tampered.
I will now for sure take them to court and let’s see how many callings they would cancel and for how long would they not show up in front of the law!

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