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Published: 23 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Firstly I’d like to begin by stating I don’t know if the type of sales experience we had here in Phoenix is present in other locations and as such I refrain from making widespread accusations. The following report is based on personal experience with a particular sales rep. for Gayborhood here in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. In addition to the above notice I would like to state that my following review of Gayborhood holds no negative opinion of the LGBT community. I’d hope that disclaimer not even be necessary, but I want to make it absolutely clear. We are fast approaching 2015, how is discrimination still a thing? Sales rep in question: Ester @ Gayborhood Selling directory listings for LGBT friendly businesses: Gayborhood We are a very small business with only 2 years of history an experience. Perhaps our naivety could account for what occurred. Proper business practices on Gayborhoods part would have prevented this from occurring in the first place. Our business first received a call from an employee of Gayborhood letting us know we had been referred by a past client to become listed in the Gayborhood directory. Quite excitedly we booked an appointment with Ester to discuss the process. Ester met us and discussed in detail the benefits of becoming a listed business with Gayborhood. She let us know that the premium package would run $900.00 per annum but if we purchased today a substantial discount of $200.00 off would be applied. What Ester failed to mention was the fact that we had the option of being listed in their free directory. We felt pressured at the meeting and paid Ester the $700.00 After some discussion and a few days had past we decided that the $700.00 was in fact too much for a directory listing. We politely requested to be removed from the directory and have our money refunded. Fast forward a few months and many, many, many cordial requests for refund: Total leads from Gayborhood = 0 After two months the total money finally refunded = $250.00 This is when we were informed about the free listing and is the ultimate reason for our unethical business practices complaint. Basically we paid $450.00 to be listed on a free directory. Here’s the real kicker. Ester preformed the same con, ahem, sales tactics on multiple business. After having such a hassle trying to get our money refunded, out of curiosity we made some calls to other business listed on the directory. Two other businesses told us of their similar experiences with Ester. It’s our personal belief Esters sales tactics would be best suited for a used car lot rather than disgracing a LGBT friendly business directory. We don’t expect to receive a full refund at this point. Hopefully this review will serve as a warning to other small businesses in the Phoenix, AZ area who are being contacted by Gayborhood. Fair warning, when they call they may say something like “LGBT friendly directory” instead of Gayborhood, which of course would limit ones ability to research beforehand. .

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