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Dr. Gayoso RUINED MY FACE. Don’t trust this guy.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Hollie

Don’t think he is some reliable surgeon who’ll fix your face! No! He’ll mess up your face. He’ll make you a joke. And he’ll do that deliberately so that you’ll get another procedure from him. He claims to be the best surgeon in the city but I think he’s the worst. And it’s not just speculation. I’m talking from experience here. This bastard ruined my face and made my appearance terrible. I can never forgive him for the way he handled my case. He is a selfish narcissist who constantly gloats over his past achievements. He thinks he’s the best. But that’s just his opinion. I got 2 procedures from Dr. Gayoso and both of them gave me terrible results.

I had visited his clinic around 6 months ago. At that time, I wanted to discuss what the best options for me were. I wanted to find that out and get something done. Dr. Gayoso was being nice and I couldn\’t have thought that he’s a monster. I thought he was a caring and trustworthy doctor at that time. Now I know that he is a freak but at that time, I was under the impression that he was really the best doctor in town. Well, he then told me that getting a brow lift would be the perfect solution to my appearance problems. I agreed to the procedure. But after he did the procedure, I didn’t look that great. I discussed my concerns with him. My face is looking like that of a cartoon. He seemed a little confused at first but then he told me that It would be beneficial to me if I got a nose job done too. I was surprised to hear that and told him that I needed some time to think. These cosmetic procedures are really costly. They take a lot of money. Plus, my face was looking worse than before so I didn’t know if he was telling me the truth or not. I was hating how I looked after the brow lift. The result was nothing like that he had discussed with me. I didn’t know what to do as well. I agreed to get the nose job done. I hoped it’ll fix things up but it made things worse. After 2 plastic surgeries, my face had become horrible. I got extremely mad at Dr. Gayoso. That guy not only ruined my appearance but he also lied to me. The nose job was unnecessary. It didn’t even change things much. It’s almost as if he didn’t even lift a finger during the rhinoplasty. I demanded compensation from Dr. Gayoso but he denied it. He said the procedures were successful and I was being frantic by saying they failed. But they really did fail. Now my social life is null and I haven’t gone out with anyone for months. Dr. Gayoso completely ruined my face. I’m now looking for some other surgeon who can fix all this.

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