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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Rene Ortega at the Dorado in Cabo San Lucas sold me a membership to Globe Quest Travel Club. He knew I was a scuba diver, did not like all inclusive resorts and that I like to dive in the Caribbean. He also knew that I wanted to visit Panama and Cairo. My husband and I went in to detail before the sale saying we did play golf, like to lay around a pool or on a beach. | We told him we like to scuba dive in the Caribbean and that we wanted to visit Panama and Cairo among other places. I specifically mentioned diving at St Croix. He assured us we would be able to stay in condos with kitchens and would not have to purchase all inclusive meal plans. We had five days to ask for a refund. | I thought it was odd that they with held our login information so I asked for a refund before the five days were up. They sent me a login via e mail once the five days were up and I logged in. I found out they have no clubs in Cairo, or Panama. They have only one club in St Croix and it requires the purchase of a $300 per day meal plan for my husband and I. Moreover, I found only 3 clubs in the entire Caribbean which did not require purchase of the all inclusive meal plan. | I am still trying to get a refund. The Miami head quarters apologizes but says that only Ana Cristina Robles from Cabo San Lucas at the Dorado can refund the money. She is the account manager. She called once and argued with me and has since refused to return any phone calls or e mails. She lied to me and told me the Hotels by City on their web site was a special arrangement for Globe Quest with special rates for members and it is just a link to Trip Advisor with the very same rates as it gives everyone. I tried to explaine to her that it even has the little owl icon with the binoculors but she would not listen. I believe these people are just out to get your money and try to keep it if possible. They fully know they aren’t selling you a product that you want but they do it anyway and then if they can possibly get away with it, they will avoid giving you a refund. Do not purchase anything from them. At the very least, service is extremely poor.

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