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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Apparently my ex-husband (whom I divorced nearly twenty years ago) decided to use my current address and phone number (neither of which were EVER his to use) to throw people he owed money to off his trail, because for years now I’ve been getting letters and phone calls from collection agencies looking for him. I have explained over and over to them that I haven’t been in touch with him for literally decades now, that he is not now and never has been at this address or phone number, and to please leave me alone, but they keep coming back again and again to bother me. Maybe they hope I’ll get back together with him (NO) or that I’ll get so tired of them calling me that I’ll invest my own money in hiring a private detective to track him down for them (NO) or that I’ll pay his debts for him–debts that are completely his, since unlike him I value a good credit rating and long ago paid off all the debts he stuck me with when we were together. My ex-husband is not exactly a reclusive figure. If you google his name you can find out he even has a Wikipedia page with detailed information about his career, where he lives, and even the names of his current wife and child. You’d think a collection agency that’s this determined to track down a debtor would at least make the effort to googie him, but I’m guessing GC’s employees are too lazy to do that. They’d prefer to run out the time clock calliing me over and over again. Of course, I don’t know this for certain. I don’t know anything for certain about these people except that they suck at debt collecting. .

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