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Published: 22 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a disabled vet and I have horrible credit, but I make enough money to pay back an installment loan. I have several bills I am trying to consolidate, and desperately needed money to get my power turned back on. I was so desperate I decided to call back one of the many messages I received from loan companies offering me installment loans. I spoke with several and everyone I spoke to had either an Asian or an East Indian accent. All of them asked for money up front as a good faith payment due to being scammed by past customers, and with my credit, it sounded reasonable. I’m used to high interest payments due to my credit. GE Money was the only one that said they would give the money back with my deposit. I spoke with someone named Shaun Watson at 480-939-5727. We agreed on a loan for $3000 and all they needed was a $187 payment that I needed to put on a Vanilla Reload Card. He said if I called him back before 6:30 pm CST with the card he could deposit the 3K in a matter of minutes. I begged a friend to loan me $200 that I promised to pay back the next day. I loaded $190 onto the card and I called Shaun back and he asked me to scratch the back and tell him the number underneath, which I did. He said to remain on the line with him so he could verify the funds before depositing my 3K. After several minutes he put me on hold and said he needed to speak with his accounting manager. He had the same accent and it sounded like the same guy I just spoke to. He claimed that I was too late getting in my $187 and that it would be deposited at 10 am CST. At 10 am I saw that the money wasn’t isn’t my account and that I had missed a called from GE Money. I called them back and was informed by Shaun that their “mother” bank, US National Bank, required a $135 transaction fee that I needed to pay before they could deposit my 3K. I got very upset with Shaun and said I was being scammed and that they were not a legitimate company. He insisted they were and that he wanted to help. I asked to speak with a rep at the US National Bank and he put me on hold. After several minutes, another man came on claiming to be the VP of Finance or something like that. I complained and asked him to waive the fee. I asked why I wasn’t told of this fee the day before. He claimed Shaun was new and didn’t know about it. I also offered to pay him the fee and said that he could take it out of the 3K. I informed him there was no way I could come up with it because I borrowed the initial $200 and couldn’t get more. He acted all standoffish and claimed that the fee must be paid and that was that. I went to my bank and they figured it was a scam and insisted on closing my account. I called Shaun again and insisted that they refund my $190 immediately or I was calling the police. He again reitered that they were a legit company and that they would refund my money tomorrow, which was a Saturday. When I noticed it wasn’t refunded, I called Shaun again and was told by another rep to call back in 5 minutes because he was in a meeting. I gave him an hour and tried again and was told he was in an all day meeting. I called back again later and did speak to Shaun and he promised the money would be refunded today. I checked today and still no money. Are there any lawyers out there trying to bring down these a**holes? I want my money back and restitution for all the problems this event caused in my life. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! I cannot afford to be scammed this way! Are there ANY legit companies out there that will give someone with bad credit an unsecured personal loan?

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