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Published: 23 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was with Geico for about 10 years until September of 2006. I liked them. They gave me a 10% discount every time I renewed my policy. When I traded in my car for one that required comprehensive insurance, i called them from the dealership. The rate they gave was ridiculously high. I didn’t know, at the time, that they had also checked my credit report. A nasty thing to do to a long time customer with a perfect driving record- a 37 yr old female as well. I should have known. When I bought my house in 2002, I looked into homeowne’s from geico, hoping for a discount as I already had auto insurance with them- they turned me down flat due to my credit report. My realtor recommended a local NY Mutual agent and they gave me great, inexpensive homeowner’s coverage- no credit report required. I then called Progressive. They gave me a lower rate on comprehansive-not fantastic- but, again, no credit report required. I started looking around for lower rates this past February. I was paying Progressive $148 per month. I called Geico and they told me to call back in march- as several instances where people drove into or bumped into me- none were my fault- would disappear from my record. It was also in my favor, thay said, that I handled all of them through the other driver’s insurance company. I waited until this month and got quotes from all over the internet. None were substantially lower and Progressive offered to re-write my policy for much lower- but with a $194 downpayment. Eventually- I talked to an underwriter at progressive and they came up with a better solution. They would cancel the old policy- with about $70 owing and write a new one, a 6 month pay one- at $70 and change per month. My downpayment being my first month’s payment. I had to enroll in auto billing, but that saved $5 per month. I went with that. Of course, a few companies have contacted me due to my online search- wanting my business, but they can’t beat Progresive’s price. The MOST disturbing email I received was from Geico- the subject line was ‘legally required notice’. The email described that my rate was due to my credit report!!! Car insurance should be based on one’s driving record, possibly type of car, where garaged, how much driven, and maybe the history of past car insurance payments. I have had continuous coverage since 1988. I don;t see the risk they would undertake- I am not applying for a loan with them. Now, I imagine is a mark on my credit report. Geico Sucks. They try to sound inclusive and even push motorcycle insurance. They are the worst!!! Even worse than a higher rate!!! They don’t seem to care that I am a safe driver or want my business back. Tracy Kenmore, New York U.S.A.

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