Gene Michael Gonzales

Gene Michael Gonzales aka Meklin Pervert Predator Cleveland Area

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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

There is a person named Gene Michael Gonzales who lives in our neighborhood who has been masquerading as an ”internet star” and a ”famous video gamer”, this is according to my 6 year old son who had contact with this person. Gene Michael Gonzales uses predatory grooming techniques to lure young children into the domicile at 4817 Wetzel Ave in Cleveland. Gene Michael Gonzales has had multiple run ins with the police for varying perverse and violent crimes. Gene Michael Gonzales is being investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies for fraud among other crimes, he has open warrants in multiple states. There are credible reports of Gene Michael Gonzales attempting to snatch children in the Lakewood area. Gene Gonzales has a tendency to dress as a woman, disguise his appearance, and live on the streets which has to this point stopped him from being found by authorities. Gene is currently living with an elderly man in Cleveland, it is believed this man is his father or lover. Gene Michael Gonzales continues to defraud elderly members of the community and prey on local children. PLEASE BE WARY OF THIS PERSON. Gene Michael Gonzales is 5’6’’ and 140 pounds, he has been known to commit violent crimes, do not approach Gene Gonzales, do not conduct business with Gene Michael Gonzales. Contact Lakewood or Cleveland Police Department, they are well acquainted with the Criminal Activity going on at 4817 Wetzel.

Gene Michael Gonzales is a violent dangerous criminal and a predator. He continuously makes false police reports and acts in a predatory manner to the people and children of Lakewood Ohio. Gene Michael Gonzales currently resides at 1301 Gladys Avenue in Lakewood Ohio with his father. Gene Michael Gonzales has been arrested for credit card fraud, kidnapping, and making false police reports. He is currently under investigation for trying to snatch a young boy. Most frightening is Gene Michael Gonzales’s inclination to dress in women’s clothing and behave in a predatory manner to the children of Lakewood. Gene Michael Gonzales is being investigated for inappropriate contact with a 4 year old boy, but Gene has continually deceived the police to skirt punishment. He does this by changing his appearance, dressing as a woman, growing his beard or hair, and lying about his name. If you have any experience dealing with Gene Michael Gonzales of Lakewood, please contact Lakewood Police Department, they are well acquainted with Gene Michael Gonzales and the perverse criminal activity he engages in at 1301 Gladys Avenue. It is believed Gene Gonzales is being harbored at 1301 Gladys by an elderly male, potentially his father. Gene Michael Gonzales is 5’7’’ and weighs about 140lbs. Do not approach Gene Michael Gonzales. He has been known to be violent and to groom children with video games and promises of internet fame. BE SAFE LAKEWOOD!

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