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My grandson was victimized! Please be careful!

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Angela

I bought my grandson’s braces from Genecov Orthodontics. The braces can’t do anything if the teeth are decaying. If he had such bad teeth health then why did the doctors at Genecov Orthodontics leave the braces on him for 4 years? They definitely saw the decay whenever we came there for the routine checkup. But they didn’t even notify us!

I found out about this place from one of their flyers. My grandson had some unaligned teeth and I was looking for a good dental/ortho clinic to get him treated. This clinic was in my neighbourhood and as I saw the building, I just went in there and booked an appointment for the next day at 4:30 PM. I took my grandson to the clinic the next day and the doctor told us that he does not have any serious alignment problems in his teeth and we just have to get him simple braces which will fix it in no time. The place was quite dirty for a health clinic and there was dust everywhere. The appointment was expensive as well. Anyways, I got my grandson the braces next week and I took him to the clinic every 3 months for the routine checkup. I was taking him regularly to the clinic without missing a day for 4 years. Last month, he started feeling a lot of pain in his teeth and I called Genecov Orthodontics to book an urgent appointment, however, no one picked up the call so I had to go to a different dental clinic which was 10 minutes away. I drove to this new clinic and the doctor there told me that my grandson has three cavities in his teeth. He also told us that he shouldn’t be wearing braces if he has decayed teeth and suggested that I first get the cavities treated. I gave him the X-rays of my grandson from 4 years ago and he told me that the X-rays show that he has cavities. He asked if I went to an unauthorized or cheap dentist for his treatment as the cavities were too obvious and any expert would have noticed it right away. I paid $3000 for the braces that did nothing for the alignment of my grandson’s teeth! If doctors at Genecov knew about the cavities then they should have notified me. But they didn’t because then I wouldn’t have gotten him braces.

I genuinely question the expertise and skill level of the doctors at the Genecov Orthodontics and I would advise everyone to stay away from these morons. I haven’t seen such an incompetent and ignorant team of medical “experts” in my whole life. If you are looking for a good ortho in your location, then keep on looking and do your research. My grandson had to go through a sheer amount of pain for years because of the ignorance of this clinic. Please make a safe and wise choice!

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