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Published: 19 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

So, I was looking to have my bathroom remodeled. I wanted to have tile put on the floor, and a new tile shower done As well as inset lighting. Eric Mafnas, the contractor, promised this could be done in three days, just as the contract stated. I was to pay him 1200 for labor fees in increments of 400 each day. Well after the first day he tacked on another 500 for “frame work” and then another 300 for concreet work (which he had me go rent the large equipment that was necessary, not cheap!). I thought this was odd but I know things can happen. Well, every day he showed up hours late without any notice or phone call. Each time with some outlandish excuse. On top of showing up very late, he and his workers showed up intoxicated. Then continued to drink not only beer, but cheap gas station wine and VODKA, yes I said it, vodka…every day on the job. I don’t even see how any of them could stand to be honest. Little does he know I have security cameras around my house and have caught a lot of this on camera. So, he shows up late and is a drunk, but sadly that is not nearly all. Half the tools that he needed, he didn’t even have. He had to use the tools and tile saws that we have here at home. Which he left in my front yard to be rained on. When cutting boards and sheetrock, instead of going on the back or front porch he and his men decided it was ok to use the living room for that. Needless to say EVERYTHING in my home is covered in white dust (literally…everything). I tried to be nice so I got allow men some dinner, they took the food and ran. Like seriously, took the food I bought and straight up left my house Immediately. Not to mention I have dried sheetrock mud on my kitchen cabinets, which is strange because I have never given my consent to rummage through my pantry or cabinets!!!!! When the men left for the night, I believe on day two, they apparently got stuck in my yard. I now have a giant mud rut the size of Maine in my front yard. It is going to take a lot of effort to smooth it out, but of course, i did not even get a slight explanation about the incident. Well, three days have come and gone. I still have no tile floor nor do I have a completed shower (Even though they stayed very late a couple days) And as of the moment the toilet isn’t even connected. Today was day six, he was suppose to arrive at 8 this morning. However, By 12 noon I called him (he said he overslept; prob sleepin off the alcohol!!!) I have now fired him. I have paid him all the money, so I’m at a loss. I’m planning to visit a lawyer Monday, so any one has had a similar experience with Eric Mafnas I urge you to get I touch with me. Let’s bring this man down and hope no one else has to go through this. Eric Mafnas is a horrible contractor with horrible workers. The work he has done is not at all worth what was being payed, it is simply ridiculous. Then he finds ways to double charge you, and makes you feel like it is necessary when in all reality it was NOT. please please please, do not hire him or his men. Remember his name, Eric Mafnas, and his dinky business, General Contracting Solutions LLC. there are several different complaint on him, just google his name! .

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