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Their fee is high and the results are zero.

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Published: 07 August 2019

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For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you would rely on medical professionals, right? But all the institutes are not good enough for you. Most of them claim to provide you the best medical services but in actual practice, they just want to make money. Your health is not their priority. In the list of such hypocrites is the name of Genesis Health Institute.
Genesis Health Institute is located in Wilton Manors, Florida. As mentioned on their website, they have come up with an innovation in the medical field. They have come up with the idea of functional medicine that can help the patients at a better level. Functional medicine is a patient-centered idea rather than the traditional disease-centered method. The practitioners of functional medicine prioritize spending time with their patients, listening to their problems. This helps the practitioners to better understand the lifestyle of the patient and it might also help them in knowing the reason for diseases.
Our society is facing a rise in the number of diseases like diabetes, mental illness, heart diseases, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. To cure these disorders or diseases at a better level, it is important to adopt functional medicine. Unfortunately, Genesis Health Institute claims to have practitioners that have mastered functional medicine but in reality, their facilities are not at all as you would expect. With the information available on the website, you will be expecting and a very lavish treatment and environment but this is not what you get. I know all this because I fell victim to this sham.
When I started going there, I realized that the staff is not at all cooperative. I suffer from some autoimmune disorder and I should have been treated with a lot of care. My condition was not good enough to run for forms and doctor’s appointment. Some nurse should have helped me with this but none of the staff members stepped forward to look after the matter. I had to complete all the formalities on my own. It was one of the toughest times I had to face.
I’m not alone. Another patient was a victim of mental illness. His companion completed all the formalities and arranged all the doctor’s appointments. After a few visits, his companion noticed that the patient had no improvements. After asking the patient about the method used by the doctor, it was clear that the doctor did not pay attention and was just blabbing about his issues either with the patient or on the phone. When the doctor was asked about the problem, he denied it.
More such cases have been reported by different patients. Seems like Genesis Health Institute is not interested in the patient’s problem and their prime focus is money. Health is important but so is the clinic or institute you choose. Sometimes the infrastructure and website information is so attractive that it provokes you to choose them but make sure you do proper research before consulting a doctor.

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