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Published: 11 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We began renting a property listed as a 5 bedroom/3.5 bath in South Olathe, KS from this agency in Oct 2016 for $1700/month (more than the advertised price we showed up for) and put a good sized amount of money down on a purchase option agreement. We were given so many assurances and were buttered up to the idea that this house was in great shape. The house did appear in decent shape, although I made several repairs and additions: repairing and replacing plumbing lines, installing toilets, doors, drywall, replacing electrical fixtures, cleaning the yard of debris, the list goes on. Many things came up during the talks that should have raised red flags for me if I had been better educated in the law. | Responsibility of all the repairs, remodeling and such were placed upon my shoulders, being told that these expenses were to come out of my pocket for a property that I was only renting. After a month of residing at the home, the roof started leaking following the first storm we had while living there. The living room, garage, and second floor loft roofs all began leaking, very badly. After contacting the agency and Lessor, we were told that it would be taken care of as soon as possible when the weather was less inclement. They were notified on Nov 2nd, 2016 and here on Apr 11th we are still waiting for repairs. We were told recently that the company and investors look at the situation as if we are buying the house and are responsible for all repairs even though we are only renting. | Many other issues with the house have come to light as well: severe water damage that was masked, water damage stains showing through after a period of time, undisclosed termite problems and treatments, false information regarding previous water damage in the basement – we were told it was a window that was the cause of the damage however the foundation is now leaking on the north and south sides of the house, because of the previous and continued water damage to the interior and inside the ceilings and walls black mold has reared its ugly head and we now have a health hazard on our hands. | Termite history, severity of damages, shoddy repair of said damages, false advertising of house size and bedroom count (a city inspector told us that the 2 basement bedrooms are not legally bedrooms as there are no windows and there is not an escape from the basement other than the one set of interior stairs and that with the current fire hazards we should NOT have anyone sleeping down there) are all things that we were lied to about or were hidden from us during talks. And after talking with the neighbors and requesting public records we have discovered that many other things were not disclosed to us including drug manufacturing, forced entry by police, and illicit drug overdoses. | We are currently in the process of obtaining more detailed police reports on the busts, labs, and/or deaths that have occurred in the house. We have been more than agreeable to giving the agency and Lessor time to get these problems fixed and address these disclosure issues but after six months of empty promises, shoddy repairs, and blatant misinformation we have reached the limit of our patience. We have sent an official request of repairs on the 7th via email and postal mail and have yet to hear from the agency. We also had a city inspector complete a walk though and found around 3 dozen violations. We are currently seeking legal council for our next move and have filed a review and complaints with the BBB. | From going against the law by requiring the tenant to make repairs to lying about the history and condition of the house to take advantage of first time home owners, I would whole-heartedly NOT recommend anyone deal with this agency or it’s owner. I write this in the hopes that those who do their research will be able to have an in depth understanding of dealing with this company first hand. I will update this as the situation develops. | UPDATE 2017-04-19: We have exercised our rights to terminate the lease under Kansas Statute 58-2559 due to the company not performing repairs requested by us and failure to address the 27 code violations made by the City of Olathe inspector we had come through. | UPDATE 2017-05-08: We have contacted the Johnson County Kansas deeds office and have discovered that the owner listed on our contracts are NOT the owners listed on the deed filed with the county. The owner has NOT given her consent to sell. Nor is there a deed of trust giving them the right to sell or negotiate the property. Furthermore there is a mortgage on the house that is currently in default which has been breached in several ways and which was not disclosed to us. We have demanded a refund of our purchase agreement and have been rebuked. We have given the agency and it’s owner until the 1st of June to comply with our refund demand and will be seeking civil and criminal charges if we are not refunded. | Bottom line: We gave $10,000 towards buying a house from a man who legally has no right to sell it, we have been scammed.

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