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Published: 29 November 2019

Posted by: Princess-and-the-pea

GENI.COM IS A ROYAL PAIN! No, you”re not related to Charlemagne (one of”s most popular profiles). While it”s mathematically possible that you descended from one his concubines, not everyone has the pedigree to prove the relation, which is the intended purpose of genealogy and the site. Really, that”s all that matters: documentation, evidence. That”s the problem with ~ they invent evidence and disregard it when applicable too. Everyone wants to be related to Charlemagne, but not everyone wants to be related to President Trump. If you look closely at the profiles that “link” you to royalty, you will see “fantasy” people in between with impossible birth ranges spanning 150 years at a time when most people didn”t live past 50 and no names! Someone”s ego added the profiles so that “Voila!” now they are magically of nobility! does this by adding parentage of N.N. (essentially meaning Not Known) to weave your family tree into the noble line. should not allow a pedigree chart that assumes parentage if there are not the basic facts such as a name. PERIOD. It otherwise gives people the false impression that they are related. Bottomline is that you”re only as strong as your weakest link. Kumbaya. We”re all related. No, not really. THE COMPLAINT PART IS HERE: If you point out the fantasy to participants of (you have no evidence that you”re related to royalty), you will get banned. Period. Disenting ideas are not allowed. The site is run by a militant handful of indivuals who can “execute” you from the “world tree” by banning you because they don”t like what you said in a discussion group. Presto: you”re dead! You never existed. The collaboration on is controlled to maintain the fantasy and to take your money and hours of time trying to ensure an accurate tree that”s evidence based. Dissenting evidence is not allowed. The site is a collosal waste of time! Also, the “curators” are perpetual students of community colleges. They are not genealogists. They live in a basement with their parents. They work for free and are too stupid to realize that it”s not a job.

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