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Published: 08 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My identity was stolen and someone used my information to take out a loan from Gentle Breeze. Every payday, $137 was taken from my bank account. I tried calling the number on the withdrawal on my bank statement for over a year, but could never get through. I left voicemails, no one every returned. I tried entering their phone system as both a new customer and an existing customer, but it always rang forever and would finally go to voicemail…which was useless. I finally got through on the new customer line and told them that they were taking money from my account for a loan which I didn’t take out and I wanted to talk to someone now. They put me through to customer service. The woman pulled up the account and said, oh, I can close that, it is paid off. I asked how much the loan was for. She said $300. I said and how long were you going to continue to pull money from my account? She said until I notified them that I wanted it to be paid off…seriously? So I told her how I’ve been calling them for over a year and could never get through and that this was NOT my loan. I asked her how I can register a complaint for this and she said log into their website using my email I used on my loan application. I told her I never applied with them and every attempt I made to use what I thought was their website was futile. She said, well, can you give me your email address. I said no, you give me the address that was used for the loan. She did and it was not even a valid email—it was from She said that I could log into the account using my information. I said I don’t even have a valid website for you and I did not take a loan from you. So she read me the email address. I said, no, send it to my correct email address and I want the login and password so I can see the activity. So she sent it to me after resetting the password. When I logged in, it should over $4,000 was taken from my account. I do not know what to do to try to recover this money. I do not think it is even legal to give a loan without a payoff at some point. The interest rate on this one was insane. .

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