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I would strongly suggest people not to go anywhere near this place.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a 40 year old man suffering from an advanced case of Periodontitis. Due to continuous deposition of plaque and formation of tartar and my lack of concern regarding my condition, it became extremely serious. I started looking out for prolific dental clinics and came across Gentle Dentistry. After thinking about opting for this clinic for almost a week, I decided to for it. After scheduling an appointment, I went there half an hour before the scheduled time to avoid being. The doctor did not seem to share my sense of punctuality as he came 45 minutes after the scheduled time.
After setting himself up in his cabin, he called me inside. I, being a decent human being, greeted him but he chose not to respond, which was honestly quite rude. Realizing his ill-mannered nature, I decided to speak to him regarding my condition. All he did while I spoke, was look blankly at the ceiling. He did not even choose to ask questions about my current condition. After some time, he told me to repeat the whole thing again for him as ‘I was not loud enough for him to hear’. In reality, that guy was just not listening to anything I was saying. After listening to me less inattentively, he told me that I would need to undergo Flap Surgery. I decided to go for it as he assured me that it is completely safe.
On the first day, when I went in, the doctor was not even ready to start the procedure. He and his assistant hurriedly started cleaning the instruments as if they had forgotten about the surgery. Finally, after some time the procedure began. Using a sharp instrument, he attempted at making an incision on the gum. After lifting back the gum tissue, he started the scaling process. The instrument that he used to make the incision hit my gums and it started bleeding. I cannot even write about this moment without feeling a chill down my spine. I was so helpless that all I could do was see blood oozing out. The doctor did not stop the scaling process. He somehow managed to complete the process or at least he told me that he did.
The first day came to an end after he prescribed some medicines for the ‘accidental’ cut on my gum and for the pain that was caused by the lifting of the gum and scaling.
It was easily the toughest week I have ever faced. The medicines that he prescribed were of no use. The pain was unbearable. When I called him to tell him about my condition, all he said was that it is ‘supposed to be painful’.
After the completion of the week, I went again to the clinic in order to get my teeth checked and get another prescription of medicines for the pain that was still there even after a week of a ‘successful procedure’. The doctor did not even bother to look properly at my teeth. He simply wrote the name of a gel and told me that it would be enough to ease the pain.
I would never go back to such a place where doctors don’t care about the patient but only about making money out of the suffering of people.

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