Gentle Touch Healing Fred Popeski

Gentle Touch Healing Fred Popeski Review

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Published: 26 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Fred Popeski starts off a “healing session” with counseling services but has no degree in psychology, life coaching or any other degree. Fred is skilled in Quantum Touch technique but unfortunately uses it as a luring device on unsuspecting and trusting females. He tries to find girlfriends using this energy,twisting the love and trust that should accompany healing work. The Tai Chi class he offers is not based upon credentials and he is a fraud. Popeski has a reputation for hooking up with women who make good money,enabling his womanizing disguised as energy work. I am a proponent of energy healing and find Fred Popeski’s lack of integrity and character a detrimental attack on those of us who use our energy to benefit others. .

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