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Georgia Lottery Commission Review

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Published: 02 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The Georgia Lottery is FIXED, RIGGED and CROOKED. FIrst, I have played every single night since the very first day it was allowd in 1993. The most I have ever won is 153.00 only 1 time. I live right on the Alabama line where so much business is done that it is obscene and you’d think that that kind of business would generate winning tickets. NOT. One store sold a winning Jackpot ticket never claimed most likely by a truck driver of over 152 million dollars and it was supposed to go back into the winning tickets to increase the number of tickets who win. It did not phase nor increase the number of winning tickets. Like your church, too many hands are in the POT. I notice that they let the Fantasy 5 jackpot take spells of getting well over 500,000 and the only 1 winner. Always near Atlanta. Then a long spell where the jackpts are less than 200,000 with 2-3 winners. Which do you think is logical. I know that where there are black people, there is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY missing. The GA lottery is ran and employees mostly all african american people. I suspect that there is not one legit ticket sold in Georgia but we will never know when all of the city of Atlanta governement is also African american. I don’t care. If I had saved all my money I had ever spent, I would have a jackpot larger than any fantasy 5 to date. NO MORE. I will never spend another dollar. I have repeatedly heard the same story now I believe it’s true. I too have bought many, many rolls of tickets and the odds are NEVER close to what is stated on the back and never win enough to get even 1/4 of my money back. It is a SCAM. A LEGAL SCAM. You think they donate all that money to schools. Where does it go. See where GA ranks among states and then see if that state has a lottery and compare incomes. You will see. Georgia kids are DUMB and GA shouldn’t need any Federal Money according to what the Lottery Commission says it gives to the schools. RIGGED, SHAMMED AND SCAMMED. Buy a soft drink and save your money. At least get some enjoyment out of your money.

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