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Published: 31 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Started in the mid of 2013. I lived in apartment that got flooded few times, on the last time complex asked me to move to another unit while they are going to do the repairs. I called Georgia power to transfer service to the other unit asked to proceed with the transfer week after on specific date. At least 5 days before the transfer date apartment told me that I don’t have to move and they are done with the repairs. Instead of calling the company directly, I went online to my account and opened a ticket saying: Hi, my complex was able to repair the issue and I no longer have to move, so please disregard the transfer request and keep the service at this address and included the address”. 2 Months after I was moving out of that complex and called GP to transfer my service to the new complex if the service it, during the call I get shocker news that my account was closed and was recommended to go the local office to resolve the issue. Lucky me, I always take screen shoots of things that I submit online and I had I a screen shot of my message with the date and confirmation that my ticket was submitted about my transfer request. None of that helped and I was explained that service was still transfer to the new address and then closed after a week or so because apartment started to pay for it again. I requested to find out how much I owe GP for the months I lived in the current location that I never left and send me the bill but I strongly asked to not charge me for reopening the account since it wasn’t my fault it got closed. I moved out from the old apartment by the time they were deciding how much my bill should be but apartment took all the money they had to pay GP for the months my account was canceled from my deductible. When I got my bill I called GP to say “Hey guys, I should have the bill because complex paid you for those month” Person said “well nothing is even posted in your account anymore so you can disregard the bill”. Another week later I get another bill again and I call again and person says “No we never got payments from your complex and we wouldn’t try to bill you if we did”. I went to complex and both me and manager called GP and lady at first was saying the same thing, after manager gave her the account number and transaction that were made out of it to GP for that unit she said “Oh yeah, I see that now, well we can refund money to you and give the person 3 weeks to pay us once he gets his deductible back from you because we can not change anything else on our end.” I said ok, since then I did not get any money from the complex even though I called the manager few times and she said she will check with her management and I didn’t get any bills but got a collection letter stating I have to pay the new amount that included some kind of charge and gave me the phone number to call to make a payment. I called the same day, provided my debit card and completed the whole thing. Felt so screwed because I still didn’t see any money back from the apartment or GP and have to pay more. Once it was completed, I threw away the collection letter and deleted screen shots thinking that it’s finally over. Today – about a month later I get another letter saying it’s from an attorney at law and it’s regards my debt to GP. Reading it, I find out that it’s still the same account! Who did I give my card information to last time than to pay my debt? Why am I still being asked to pay for it. I haven’t called them yet because it’s after hours but this nightmare seems never end and it’s been GP’s mistake from the beginning and I am still being harassed by them. Not that I am not willing to pay and actually am trying to settle this but in the end it makes me looking bad. I have perfect credit record for always paying all my bills in advance and on time, this is the only thing that put me in the bad situation and only because GP never admits their errors and never checks e-tickets. I’ve submitted few ones after the incident and non one calls back or takes any actions. Try it yourself, submit a ticket from your profile online to billing department and see if you will ever get a confirmation email or anyone calling you. I’ve done it few times after just to prove that they never do! I am not trying to get any money or break out of this, I just want to tell everyone how irresponsible GP is and how badly their customer service works and how well they track things. Every single employee said “Oh we never make mistakes” even when the property manager talked to them and the manager told me “from my own experience they mess up things all the time”. When I went to the physical location, they made me run back to the apartment to get a prove that I still live at the address and never actually left, when I came back lady said: “Uh you again, please talk to this lady instead”. I said “isn’t it easier since you already know the whole situation?” nope spent another 30 mins explaining and the lady tells “oh, I can not help you, I think you have to talk to that lady” to the same lady who just told me to talk to this one. Really?!?! And I am not from America originally and I have an accent but people always understand me, in that place I felt like I was being treated like I just came from some village and I don’t know anything about technology or companies or in fact lady kept on saying ” I don’t understand what you are saying, can someone come with you who speaks English?” Ok, some accent, but I speak English and writing right now, I don’t think my English at that level that you don’t understand me. Plus adding on the charges on my account for closing and reopening account when I never requested to close it in the first place! This is so outraging and unprofessional. One of the people on the phone seemed to drive me mad on purpose ” Sorry sir but I can not help with anything, sir I know our company and we would never do that, sir I told you that we never double charge if complex paid we wouldn’t try to charge you..” Ok, what am I looking at here than? You guys did this and that and here is the proof that complex paid right in my hands and you are keep saying that you know they wouldn’t do it so you wouldn’t even take a min to check or double check that they actually did so? A day later another person says the same thing up until the property manager starts asking to pull up an account by number and check what was the payment made for only than they say “Oh, sorry I didn’t realize that happened”? WHO HIRES THESE PEOPLE and how can company run things like that? If only I had an option to use another electric company, I WOULD love too and I never had any issues like this with any other company. My request out of all of this is to make sure that people and management does get to know that GP is being unfair, unprofessional and puts their customers down knowing that customers are forced to use them since they live in the area powered by Georgia Power only. Very unfair towards customers. If I could, I would rather run electricity with a power generator everyday just to show the company this is more convenient for me than to be serviced by the company like GP.

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