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100% greedy staff, avoid them please

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Published: 20 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve been driving my old Land Rover 2013 ever since it came out, it has so much sentimental value to me that it’s hard to give it away. So, I was trying to get a dealer to agree for a trade-in and maybe get a good deal out of it. After a few unsuccessful attempts, someone from Gerald Jones contacted me, saying they were interested in my car, and even had someone planning on buying it. To be that old, my LR is actually in good condition, so I was really expecting to get a good deal, I was pretty excited to think I’d be driving an Audi by the end of the day. I got there at the mentioned time, no one greeted me, and there was no one around to ask for help. I spent a good 15 minutes walking around before anyone came to see me. Finally, this man approaches me and introduces himself as Gary. I take Gary to my car so he can check it, they take it in for a full checkup and take me to the office to talk about the deal. This is when things get ugly, he started off with the “you know it’s not worth much, right?”, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, tried negotiating a good deal, considering I was going to buy one of the newest models anyway, so why not making a fair trade? But obviously, the customer’s wellbeing is not the first thing they’re interested in, it’s money. Gary and I discussed for around 2 hours and couldn’t get to an agreement, so I was about to leave when a second man enters the room. He played his part as if he was reading a very well thought sales speech, I almost fell for it, but he was offering the same terrible deal Gary was. I tried to leave the room 4 times (not kidding) and was stopped by these men every time. I was starting to feel very unsafe with these people, so much I was even thinking of screaming, but I just decided it would be better to act calmed and see my chance to get out. I was finally able to leave the room after 3 hours and several unsuccessful attempts to trade the car for a good price. I let them know that I was not looking to trade my car for some change, it has sentimental value to me, that makes it special enough to be worth something, he practically called it trash. Up to this day (a week later), I’m still receiving phone calls offering me the same deal that I have already rejected, it doesn’t matter how many times I ask them to stop, the calls are still happening. I still think they had a collector willing to pay good money for my car, still they wanted to buy it for almost nothing to get the best out of their deal, they definitely don’t care about the customers.

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