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Published: 11 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My car was taken into the mentioned auto collision to correct repairs that another shop botched up from a rear end accident. The shop mgr Howard assured me he can take care of it. This was May 2003 when I left it with him. My car was left for several weeks and when I picked it up there were all kinds of problems. Not only that the paint did not match, there were many things that were not corrected, plus new damage. To name a few, paint runs, wrong hardware installed, damaged parts that were put back on, electrics not working, and the list goes on. I had called Howard and he told me to make a list of the problems and that he would take care of it. I took my car back and left it along with my list. Many more weeks went by. I was told my car was ready and when I picked it up most of the problems were still not corrected. This continued in and out of this shop for months on in.While they would fix one thing then they would tear up 3 more things. In Dec. 2004 in agreement with Howard I was going to leave my car through the Winter so they had all the time needed to correct all the problems. And that I would pick it up the first of Spring so I would have it in plenty of time for the up coming car show in May 2005. I started calling Howard in Feb to remind him of his agreement to have my car ready that Spring is around the corner. He said it would be ready not to worry. I even went by to check on my car one day and was told I couldn’t see it and that I would have to get a police to get me in. I was furious, and now very concerned of what is going on. When I brought this to Howards attention of how his employee treated me, he just seemed to shrug it off. I again reminded Howard that my car show is May 17th and my car better be ready. More weeks pass and now it’s 3 days before the big British car show and he tells me my car is ready and detailed clean. I was upset to see how filthy my car was and still the same problems that have not been corrected. So my car sat in his shop for 4 months and nothing was done. Now it’s too late to get anything more done on the car before the show. I took the car and told him I will bring it back the following Monday after the car show. During this time while I was cleaning my car I started noticing more damage they had done.I started making a new list of the problems along with the old list of problems that were never corrected. .

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