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Published: 22 October 2018

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Read on if you don’t care to be misled or taken advantage of by I live in Canada and have a few reservations about There are some extremely scrupulous issues with this reservation system. First off it seems as though they are piggybacking off other reservation systems to steal business. I was using Hilton Reservation Counter to book a room at Garden Hilton Inn @ Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada. The female reservation agent advised that the Inn could not accommodate 5 people in my party on the date I requested. She recommended going with the Residence Inn & Conference Centre which was very near to the Garden Hilton Inn. She led me to believe that the Residence Inn was part of the Hilton Hotels chain. I came to find out that it in fact was not part of the Hilton Chain of hotels. The rate was $56.48 per night per room. The total should have been $127.65 CAD including applicable taxes. When I finally received the confirmation email I came to find the cost was $146.56 USD. There was an additional charge for resort fees. Let me tell you that this hotel is not a resort. It is not located anywhere near an ocean or sea. It is not located on the shores of Lake Ontario or Lake Erie. It is nowhere near the Niagara River. It is in the middle of the Niagara Peninsula between St Catharines and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It is a post-secondary education residence that is used as a hotel during the summer months. I really don’t see how this qualifies for a resort fee. The also charged me in USD making the total come to approximately $180.00 for the two rooms, well above the $127.65 CAD it should of cost. I am a Canadian resident making a booking from my home in Canada and staying at a hotel in Canada. I fail to see how this can be charged in US greenbacks. This now leads to the nightmare of dealing with the customer support. Once I realized the deceptive practises being employed here, I promptly called the company to cancel the reservation as it was 100% refundable up until the day before the reservation. The agent advised me that they could process the cancellation and referred me to a supposedly customer service department. The female representative asked what Travel Company I was with and I advised her I was just a customer who was referred to her by an agent. She stated that she could not help me with the cancellation as it was not the right department and referred me to another number which turned out to be Expedia. The new way to conduct business….deflect, deflect, deflect. After all this deflection I called my credit card company to put a stop payment on it and report the company as employing deceptive and fraudulent business practises. When I finally got through to cancel and was verbally given a cancellation reference number, I requested an email stating so. I never received it and called back the next day to confirm it was cancelled and asked to speak to a manager to put in a complaint. I explained all to her and as usual all I received was how sorry they are in a tone of voice indicating that no action would likely be taken. I again asked for a cancellation confirmation email and I still haven’t received one. To sum up: If you book a hotel through, you will be lied to, misled, receive extra charges you were not told about, charged in USD when you aren’t leaving Canada & deflected when you attempt to address the issues. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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