Don't, just don't trust these scumbags.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They are a bunch of idiots who think it’s okay to treat their customers rudely. I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to trust these people. I had a horrible experience with these guys and that’s why I’m suggesting you stay as far as possible from these goons. These people are nothing more than a bunch of money-hoggers. Please avoid.
Recently, I started looking for fitness centers around me. I decided to join one because I wanted to instill discipline, amplify dedication as well as improve myself mentally as well.
It took me some time but I finally found the place that seemed perfect to me. At the time of choosing, it seemed as if Getter Better Fitness is the best fit for me. I filled out the forms and joined this gym. I was really excited to start my improvement journey at my new fitness center. The very first day that I went to the gym, I had my first awful experience. Unintentionally, I bumped into a staff member and I instantly apologized to him. Instead of letting it go with a simple ‘it is okay’, he decided to drag the matter and create a scene. He threatened me and told me to ‘Beware’ of him. I decided to forget this incident and move forward towards training hard.
I met the general trainer and he too did not seem to be too good. On our very first meeting, he told me to get down and give him 20 push-ups at one go. Since I was not accustomed to it, I politely told him that I will not be able to do it. He told me to do it quite persistently and I gave it my best shot. I was only able to do five. Instead of boosting my morale, he told me that if I keep being a ‘lazy-ass’ like that, I will never ever be able to improve my condition.
The equipment at the place too was not too fancy as it had seemed online. The paddle of the cycle was rusted. Even after putting in all the effort to move the cycle, I was not even able to make it budge a bit. The treadmill too kept losing control of its speed. The speed suddenly went up sometimes.
It seemed as if the trainer temper kept growing after each passing day. Once, he made me apologize to the staff member for the incident that happened on the first day. He kept pestering and bullying me. HE made me lift enormous weights which he clearly knew I could not lift. After that, he insulted me and called me a weakling in front of the entire gym.
I finally realized that I had made a horrible mistake of joining Getting Better Fitness. II would not like to see another person make the same mistake as I did and thus, I would recommend people to stay as far away from this place as possible.

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