Gettysburg Battlefield Resort

I was not pleased with any of the services applied to me.

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A weekend away at the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort for the first time to a campsite sounded great to adventure outdoors. The uneven spot for a campsite disappointed my stay at the resort. There was no good level spot to put chairs out for a leveled comfortable seat.

Also, the heavy rain flooded the campsite area. The electricity was out for the night, the bathroom had a broken door and wouldn’t lock, and the toilet had broken toilet seats, and I couldn’t sit comfortably on the broken seat.

The lack of maintenance and unqualified staff members did not give me what I paid for at the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort. I would have preferred it if they moved me to another site. Unfortunately, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort does not please customers.

The trash can was filled with smashed empty beer cans. I was not impressed with the services at this resort. Gettysburg Battlefield Resort has no reliable and kind staff. It was a rip-off on my payment to Gettysburg Battlefield Resort for the high rate of membership payment. A low value on customer’s services and for false gift vouchers. That I did not receive from the resort.

The entrance to Gettysburg Battlefield Resort showed no clear marking to enter the campsite. I drove in and spent two hours to loosen the tow to get into my spot. Membership is too expensive for me. The understaffed and poor management disappointed my stay at

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort. This campsite has no space in between each camp, and he loud speaking people from close by disturbed my peace. They were disrespectful toward others and me. Camps were not in good condition. and was uncomfortable to stay in a tight situation. I did not sleep well through the night the noise from the drunk campers who kept me awake for most of the night. Staff members are rude and lack customer’s service at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort. Employees did not make me feel comfortable when I asked for a table. They were rude and failed to provide for my needs.

The full campsite did not allow for space of comfort at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, the services are terrible. The staff members are unpleasant and are unwilling to help campers’ services. There is no privacy for campers and the bathrooms and toilets were dirty and the electricity did not work for the night.

I will not go back to Gettysburg Battlefield Resort for another camping trip due to the bad experience I had with the company. it is of no use to recommend Gettysburg Battlefield Resort for the lack of all amenities. It is not fair to recommend a campsite such as this one to other campers to be unhappy, and disappointed as I have.

The poor conditions of bathrooms and toilets don’t allow me to recommend to friends or families. It is an inconvenience for campers at this site. There is no positive feedback about Gettysburg Battlefield Resort from the terrible experience I had there. The campsite was not on level ground and did not make any part of my stay comfortable.

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