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Published: 14 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

With the recent rise of internet “piracy” in the adult industry. It has led many to quit entirely. So as a ex-fan I wanted to show my support for Gianna Michaels. Wort Idea ever! Oh sure they let you sign up to her website site (GIANNAXXX) (hosted/ran by zombaio) But what they make sure not to tell you. Is that the website itself has been inactive. For Months in not years. Your seeing content in the “new” section with Halloween themes. This was in the spring of 2014… Funny enough on Gianna’s twitter she takes great effort mentioning another website she keep making videos for. All the while knowingly neglecting her own Main website GiannaXXX. I let it slip for about 3-4 months because I figure “hey maybe it takes time for new content?” well after some waiting I finally said screw it. IF they aren’t going to update the website, then give me my money. Oh sure that when they start up with the “did you contact the admin?” roundabout. Of course on a fraudulent website the web admin is never goign to be available. Of course I contacted them first, not a single email had a response. So I did the next best thing and contact their web-host/payment service (Zombaio) as you can imagine it takes them a month to respond. When they did its just to throw you into another goose chase to contact the web admin of GiannaXXX. So I tell them frankly that THEY are the payment service, and that it is THEY that should contact/reprimand one of their own online vendors. This is over a total of $51.36 Cannot get them to even assume responsibility for this. They will tell you to contact the admin, then they will tell you they have tried to contact the admin, but couldn’t get a hold of them (big surprise). then they try to run the whole ” we don’t do refunds” loop-de-loop around you. So Here I am bring my experience to the world. One thing is for sure…I now FULLY support the idea of piracy…Going legit and avoiding websites like youporn/xhamster is foolish when the actual paysite for the adult actor is a scam. Better to view it FREE and save your wallet the trouble.

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