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Published: 29 September 2019

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This is how Giant RV in Montclair, Ca, treated a 70 year old couple on Social Security and a decorated Viet Nam Veteran, trying to purchase a usable NEW RV . 10/2012, We made a deal with Giant RV for a NEW Motor Home for $73,000. We traded in a pull trailer in excellent condition. Giant RV gave us $12,000.00 for our trailer. We had to come up with an additional $6,000.00 for the down payment, Total down payment of $18,000.00 . All the options weren’t installed on the Motor Home, so there was a delay in the delivery date. After 4 weeks we couldn’t wait any longer, so we picked up the Motor Home without all the options. We were gong on a planned family vacation. 11/13. I dropped off the Motor Home at Giant R V for some miscellaneous repairs and install the rest of the options, mainly the leveling jacks. Two weeks later we picked up Motor Home. Repairs and options completed. Less than 50 miles from Montclair, the leveling jack leaked all the fluid from the reservoir. Returned to Giant RV for repairs. Repaired. 6/13, Returned the Motor Home to Giant RV for numerous repairs plus leaking leveling jacks. I waited over 8 hours in the waiting room. At 4:00, the service department adjusted one blind. Ryan said I had to come back. We were leaving on vacation and didn’t have time to make another trip to Giant RV. We left on our trip with broken leveling jacks and numerous issues that needed repair. During our trip, the Motor Home started having more repair issues. Panels falling off the ceiling, screws backing out from the floor, wirings hanging from the ceiling, blinds not working, drawers won’t stay shut, kitchen sink sprayer doesn’t work, carpet peeling up from the floor, carpet falling down from the drivers side, seat back cushions peeling off and while in the shop, service personnel got overspray on the ladder, and the list goes on. After our vacation, we had enough of things breaking and having to make the repairs ourselves. We still had over 15 items that needed repair. So, we talked to Giant RV and made a deal to trade this unusable Lemon in on a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler with a 12 foot garage. We were very adamant about the size of the garage, IT MUST BE 12 FOOT LONG. Our OHV is over 11 feet, 6 inches long with no wiggle room. The Giant RV salesman said we have a 5th Wheel with a 12, foot garage. If fact he said that he measured the garage and it was 12 feet long, Here is the deal, Giant RV takes the Motor Home in trade plus $15,000 cash. . We set a date to return the Motor Home and pick up the 5th Wheel. 8/13, Giant RV said that the 5th Wheel is ready. When we arrived at Giant RV with the Motor Home, three people from the service department were working on our New 5th Wheel. After doing all the paper work, we went to the 5th Wheel for our walk through. The maintenance people were still making repairs on the unit. They had to replace a stabilizing jack, propane valve, hang the bathroom door and install the window valance. There biggest issue was trying to get the water system to work. The water system only worked on the 12 volt pump. This 5th Wheel was not prepared for delivery. This unit wasn’t even close to being ready. Giant RV had our backs to the wall, we had to leave and this unit was our only place we could stay. Getting close to closing time. I talk to the service manager and said we have to go. I told him, you supply me with the parts and I’ll fix what is left. We had no choice. He agreed. Off we went with an unusable 5th Wheel. The next day, we woke up to a lake under the 5th Wheel. Water everywhere. I stopped the leak and got the water system to work with parts supplied by Giant RV. But it didn’t stop there, this unit turned out to be another Lemon. When I checked over the 5th Wheel, tires were under inflated lug nuts loose and that was just the start. Over the next few months, we experienced breakage and repair issues. We used the 5th Wheel very little but that didn’t make a difference, things just kept on breaking. One of the high lights was when the sewer system leaked and the sewer gases entered into the cabin. This started from the very beginning when we started using the 5th Wheel. What else could happen, it did. We tried to load our OHV into the garage. It didn’t fit. The best measurement I could get was 11 feet 6 inches. But that is not a true measurement. This 5th Wheel is equipped with a “Ramp Door Patio” and “Three Seasons Wall Patio Door” in the back of the garage. The only available space for an OHV in the garage is only 11 feet. Now we have an unlivable and unusable 5th Wheel. I talked to Mike at Giant RV and told him how unhappy I am with the condition of this 5th Wheel. I want our money back. Mike said, “we don’t buy back units”. I did agree to return the 5th Wheel back to Giant RV for the numerous repairs that needed to be done. While at Giant RV. I talked to Mike about the length of the garage. It was shorter than what we agreed too. Mike and Matt measured the garage. Yes, it was 11 feet 6 inches to the very back ramp. From the Seasons Door, it measured 11 feet. His answer was that the 5th Wheel’s brochure states: “specifications are subject to change.” The 5th Wheel brochure Giant RV gave me, pictured the model we bought with a 12 foot garage and in the specifications stated, a 12 foot garage: In the fine print, in part states: Product information and specifications apply to coaches beginning with serial number 248706. Our unusable 5th Wheel exceeded that serial number. Brochures printed by the 5th Wheel manufacture before and after we bought our 5th Wheel had the 12 foot garage pictured and 12 foot garage in their specifications. Giant RV representatives told us that this 5th Wheel had a 12 foot garage. Nothing was mentioned about any variation in the length of the garage. From the beginning, this 5th Wheel was misrepresented by the management, sales staff and service department. This unit turned out to be unusable, unlivable and was not what Giant RV told us Page 2 This is how Giant RV was going to make it right. Giant RV will take our unusable 5th Wheel in trade, for another New 5th Wheel. We picked out another New 5th Wheel. The cost for the New 5th Wheel is $42,000.00. Now, I’ll show you Giant RV true colors. Here’s how the numbers sum up from the beginning. These figures are for DOWN PAYMENTS and cost of the New 5th Wheel. The last two line items, one is the cost of the New 5th Wheel and the last line itemis the total of all the down payments and the cost of the New 5th Wheel. These figures are NOT all of out of pocket expenses. Down payments for the Motor Home Trailer trade value $12,000.00 Cash down payment $ 6,000.00 Down payments for the Unusable 5th Wheel Trade in the Motor Home Cash down payment $15,000.00 Giant RV’s NEW Deal on a NEW 5th Wheel, Trade in unusable 5th Wheel Down payment for the NEW 5th Wheel $33,000.00 Cost of the NEW 5th Wheel $42,000.00 Total cash for the New 5th Wheel $108,000.00 That’s right, we would have paid $108,000.00 for a $42,000.00 5th Wheel. Mike told me that “we our in the business of making a profit”. I guess, even when Giant RV sells you an unlivable, unusable and misrepresented product, the customer is going to pay. Shame on you Mike, shame on you Matt, shame on you Gill and shame on you Giant RV of Montclair, Ca.

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