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Published: 06 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Failed to give refund after downsizing of generator from larger size to smaller size. We bought a Rockwood 5th wheel approx on 1-9-2019 with a cost added 10,500.00 for a 5.5 Generator. Giant RV failed to measure the location of generator and sheet metal box before taking our money and having me sign the sales agreement. to start the installation. | *Facts- Agreement was for a 5.5 Generator. Agreed to have 3.5 generator installed due to size constraint. I asked if refund would be issued because I already paid full purchase price of Rockwood 5th wheel including orginal 5.5 Generator cost. I was told yes, by the Part and service manager. | I waited for refund. Refund was never issued. After meeting with Giant RV regarding the refund in 12-5-2019. I was instructed Giant RV is not in the “habit of giving refunds” “Because I felt I paid too much” Thats not the case, the agreement was a refund differance from 5.5 generator down to the 3.5 generator. Its 1500.00 dollars. I tried being nice. | I contacted BBB they said I signed the paper work. I dis-agree. The only reason I signed paper work, because I was told was to start the install process and acknowledge they are installing a 3.5 gen instead of 5.5 generator. I also asked for a bill showing the labor/parts cost for the generator installtion process. I never received the cost or parts break down. | This is poor accounting practices driven by pure greed and to hide the facts. Ca. law states that all business must show a work sheet showing labor and parts cost. ..After consulting with several RV dealerships regarding generator installation procedures. It should have only taken 2 days max plus parts. | They charged me 10,500 for a 3.5 generator install. Thats a normal cost for a 5.5 not 3.5 Gen. I desreve the right to a full refund. I am not trying to get something for nothing.I have copies of all paper work with my signature and other supporting evidence. You would think after spending 82k with Giant RV in just a matter of a few days, that there would be some customer appreciation. But that is not the case. | Its all about profit. **Note- To the consumers*. If your reading this complaint. Please make sure you get a full parts break down with estimated labor cost before buying your RV or having items installed. Its my fault for trusting Giant RV to be trustworthy and ethical. Just one of the reasons why the Giant RV rep that handles the “Yelp pages left”The public has been warned.. After they read this complaint,all they will say is they are “sorry”…Thank you.

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Extortion warning: | Please share with anyone in the garland/rowlett area to stay far away from this moving company final touch!!!


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