GID Group Inc.

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I’ve lived with my family in Texas since forever. I was a construction engineer in an engineering firm in Texas. I felt that I don’t earn a lot, even working day and night does not satisfy my family’s needs. We wanted something more. Ways through which we could make more money! My wife always asked me to invest in some tricky ideas like stakes, share market or the FOREX business. I was not used to them neither did I know a lot about them.
The only concept I knew about was that these incomes depend on market risks only. But due to the encouragement of my wife, I started to give this possibility a thought. We were looking forward to any kind of proposals from this kind of firms. It was then that we got some news about a firm who gives extraordinary returns if invested in their FOREX scheme.
The firm was named as GID Group Inc. This was based in Grand Prairie, Texas. They were giving a huge return. Their plan was that they would take the principle from the customers and return them 5% per week for 20 weeks, and 10% per week for another 20 weeks. The offer was quite bombastic. We were quite astonished at this offer. This compelled us to check and verify their offer for a proposal.
I further investigated about the firm and got to know more about this FOREX firm. The firm owners were ROGER and RODNEY WAGNER. I applied for the proposal they’d given. They gave me an instant reply that they were happy about our decision to invest in their firm, and they promised us to give a higher return. The email consisted of their offer along with their contact no. and email address.
It was October 2010; I decided to invest my money with the GID GROUP. I wanted a huge return. So I went to their office and met the two owners of the company personally. They sat down with me for hours and convinced me that my money would be safe with them. I invested a total sum of $10,567 in cash with their firm. They assured me of higher cash back within weeks. After my payment was done, I returned to my home, chuffed to the bits.
We waited for the next week hungrily. And finally, the day came. And this was quite a good day because we got our first payment of $500 which was 5% of my deposit as the promise was made. We were satisfied with the firm now and assured about all our next payments. But our imagination was WRONG!
Now we eagerly waited for the next week. My wife was so happy because we were making huge money with no work and in no time at all. But that day was the worst day our life! When we were waiting for our payment, we got a letter which stated that they were closing their platform because of the State Securities Board Investigation. This was like a shock for us! We lost a huge amount of money and got only $500 in return.
We should not have invested in this Ponzi scheme. They are scoundrels who cheat customers for their greed. The customers get distracted because of their ear friendly schemes. We tried a lot to take back our investment but weren’t able to succeed. They evaded us always whenever we tried for a conversation. We lost our all our hope for ever seeing that money.
We got trapped in the system and lost our $500 in that WICKED firm. We tried to cover our principle with a lot of government authorities but failed because they are professional thieves. We could not do anything; we were FUCKED. The money which I earned by working day and night 24×7 was fucked just because a single fault. We should’ve gathered all the information with proof when we were going to apply for their services.
I am writing this review to ensure that no more people get TRAPPED by these kinds of FUCKING IDIOTS. It’s all up to you to save yourself from this kind of trap. Because those people are doing these FUCKING things since a long time and they will not stop now.
If you want to be safe; do a detailed investigation before investing in any firm. And stay far away from the likes of these companies who will fuck you over without a second thought.

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