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Dr Swain is a total douche!

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Published: 13 May 2019

Posted by: Donald

If you are planning to kill yourself, then a simple teeth alignment treatment from Gilbert Smiles is going to give a big reason to do so. The psycho doctor of Gilbert Smiles, almost made me drink bleach and cut my wrists. I had a really awful car accident in which I broke both of my legs, fingers and my jaw was really messed up. The doctor at the hospital suggested that I go to Gilbert Smiles for getting my teeth perfected. He was marketing Gilbert Smiles quite heavily and now that I come to think of it, maybe he is an affiliate of Gilbert Smiles and he sends customers there from this hospital. Anyways, so after booking a surprisingly expensive appointment, I met with Dr John Swain, the guy who is the main thing in my suicide note. He did a thorough examination and told me,” How did you survive, the amount of damage that you have received from the accident is too much for a human to endure, you are one lucky son of a bitch” he was acting weird and it was suffocating. The hygienist at Gilbert Smiles is a total slut! Her name is Stacy and she was hitting on my boyfriend CONSTANTLY! She even tried to touch his crotch but my boyfriend moved away from her. STAY AWAY FROM STACY if you come at Gilbert Smiles and if you are girl, then keep your husbands/ boyfriend away from this whore. He told my boyfriend to book an appointment for tomorrow and he will fix my teeth then. I was really looking forward to this because I was sick of my crooked and twisted teeth, I was thinking about how good a pizza slice would taste like! The next day when we got the procedure done, the doctor accidentally broke one of my front teeth! Even though my teeth were a little worn out and crooked, I didn’t have any broken teeth. Dr Swain dropped a heavy instrument on my mouth which broke my front tooth and ruined my whole career. I’m a professional face model and with a broken tooth in the front, I can’t continue to be one. When I noticed the broken tooth, I asked Dr Swain how the fuck this happened and I got scared as hell. He suggested that I should book another session and get a fake tooth from him, however, the price of all his services is enormous and I couldn’t afford that. A week after the treatment, I went broke because of the medical bills and unemployment, I could not do any physical work because of my weak body and my smile was messed up because of Dr Swain. I was on the verge of killing myself when I realized that I shouldn’t give up this easily. I have started working at a company now to make ends meet. I just wanted everyone to see the real face of Dr John Swain and his staff.

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