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Published: 24 April 2019

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Gillian Moody PR/Video Editor Fraudster Alert I first met Gillian Moody in the year 2001, possibly in the fall of that year. All through 2002, I directed a documentary called Just Talk on youth violence with a social worker friend. In 2003, its world premiere was at the Final Cut Short Film Screenings DJ & VJ Sets in the city of Brighton. For some reason, everyone went their own way. In May of 2013, I met up with Gillian at a downtown café. She was into video editing. Oddly enough, Gillian admitted her inspiration to be a video editor was inspired by seeing, or hearing about my experiences in documentary filmmaker. User friendly cameras and editing systems attracted me back to the production game. Last year, I was aware Gillian had an appearance in the first twenty minutes of the Total Recall 2012 remake. If you look for her, you will find Gillian Moody sitting beside the lead actor in a subway car for the first twenty minutes of the film. I then had her star in two experimental spec spots. In exchange, I paid her 100.00 to edit. I even bought her lunch to satisfy her demands. After she agreed, we made those advertisements and I was amazed with the production quality. I then uploaded the finished product to my You Tube account. Gillian did the same but clicked it to private. Since I am a three timed published author, an online journalist, an online presence is paramount to attract book sales. Production Houses in Toronto were impressed with my new spec spots which I added to my demo reel. I enjoyed that 2013 experience with Gillian Moody and see it as a success. I would accompany Gillian Moody to Toronto’s downtime George Brown Campus, where she was a student in the video editing program. We went to the lab and I guided Moody on what I wanted edited. I see that as a success. I am impressed with the editing lab at George Brown and the staff was helpful to the students too. When 2014 arrived, I filmed two more spec spots with a Sony HD Camcorder. One project was a Justin Beiber PSA and the other was a satirical anti weed PSA. At that time, I got Gillian out of the sick bed with an offer of $200.00 for her editing services. I patiently guided Gillian Moody to come up with a finished product for the first Justin Bieber PSA which I am proud to say is on my demo reel. I did not expect to have the second one at all, nor did I ask for it. I then took her out for a meal. After some food, we returned to the Lab. She worked on the 20 second spec spot for the anti-weed PSA. I only expected it to be a 30 second spec spot. When she felt, we agreed to call it a night but before I left, I paid her the $200.00 in cash. I was that impressed with the first Justin Beiber PSA. The next day, she was sick. Shen then finished the anti-weed PSA. I wanted to be present to guider her, as I did on previous occasions but this time Gillian demanded she did not want me saying, she saw me as the client and she did not want me present because she had an ongoing feud with the Lab’s floor monitor. They did exchange words but it did not matter at all. Personalities clash all the time, it is no big deal at all. I then left her to finish her task. She emailed me not only the anti-weed PSA but the second Bieber PSA which was a shock and unexpected. The last email was the anti-weed PSA. Gillian Moody turned that simple 20 second raw footage of the anti-weed PSA into a 61 second epic. I did not expect that all, nor was what I wanted at all. It surprised me that she had included credits, offering her not only an editing credit but a co-producer credit. I was the client, hiring her to be the editor. This I did not expect, nor did I want it. Remember, I did want to be present for the anti-weed PSA when she was editing it, but she rebuffed my offer. Gillian Moody gave me something what she had wanted, not what I had expected. If only she had allowed me to be present, but she had a 61 second epic anti weed PSA. Even though I felt this way, I decided to not to rock the boat. I included this work in my demo reel, and I updated it to You Tube for promotion purposes. Like on previous occasions, I posted these links in every Facebook group imaginable. It came as a complete shock to me when Gillian wanted more money. I met her on the first Sunday on March. At the meeting, I told her that I had paid her $200.00 as we had agreed for her video editing services. She then got up and walked out of the meeting, not offering me the receipt for her services, neither by email, nor in person. Then the texting began. It was a myriad of text messages, threatening legal action. In the text message, Gillian used her lawyer sister as a weapon. It was during this texting where Gillian claimed she owned the copyright over all the spec spots that I had hired her to edit. I hired Gillian Moody as a video editor only. On the first occasion, I paid her $100.00 and on the second occasion I had paid her $200.00, as we had agreed, on both occasions too. Gillian Moody never owned any copyright. She even demanded I sign something which would never happen. To my shock, she sent 52 texts, or more in such a manner. I sent her messages VIA Facebook to stop the text messages. The text messages can be found below, including email exchanges. It was at this time, I was forced to demand she cease all communications. I like Gillian Moody. She is feisty go getter type. I feel she has promise as video editor when she is guided properly during the editing process. She offers insight, wise words, but lacks tact and diplomacy with endless unwanted comments. It is with great regret and sadness, I must warn others about her questionable, unethical business practices. I cannot recommend Gillian Moody. Only yesterday, she had all of my recent spec spots taken down from my You Tube account, suggesting I violated copyright laws. Gillian Moody was hired as an editor, not the owner of my spec spots. Essentially, Gillian Moody does not respect artist copyright at all. I was devastated to see my online CV on You Tube taken down. See it at this link . It was my week for promotion with Toronto’s Production Houses and she destroyed it. I found the savaging of my You Tube account was underhanded, unprofessional, and unexpected. I had paid her for her editing services only. She made one PSA I wanted but the others were questionable. I must warn anybody who works with Gillian Moody and hires her to edit, they must get her to sign a contract for her editing services because her word is no good to anyone. I found her word meant nothing. Below are copies of the text messages, my Facebook communication, and the email messages she sent by special message service. Buyer beware when they choose to hire Gillian Moody as a video editor. .

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