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Published: 03 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

There is a woman named Gina Evans, which is her real name i believe i know from doing a little research its the name she used and is the name on her cellphone. She scammed me for $158 and the money was sent to a woman named Kathy Moore to waco, TX this woman claimed that this kathy moore was her secretary. This Gina Evans told me that she could do some work and in 3 days and 8 hours she would bring this girl back to me and she got me and she scammed me and i beleived every word she told me and i was stupid and i was desperate and she promised me the world and i just feel awful inside. I fell for her garbage and i wish i never talked to her and i wish i never did what she told me to do, she would make me think that she was doing it for me and just to help me Gina would say that she was not forcing me to do anything but aftr looking her up she has done this before in the past and has been in prison for this what they call crime of persuasion. she was smart and it may not seem like a lot of money but she got me and she used me just for $158 and now when you call the number the people or even her pretend they dont know who that is or they think im looking for some one called Regina, who know how many names this woman has. Gina Evans really works for a place a company called Going Green recycling she could be the owner and she sells or looks for Jet engine parts im not sure what the whole company thing is but the website to this company is but she claims that she will make your life perfect and that if you want your boyfriend or girlfriend back they will follow you around like and i quote ”follow you around like a baby follows its mother its around” i just wanted to put this down and let people know what happend and that maybe hopefully she will real this and know that im not gonna just let her get away with this. no one needs to make amean comment i know i was an idiot and that pychics are not real and by the ay Gina Evans date of birth is october 22 1965 i know just about as much info about her that she knows about me so maybe were some what evan. but its funny that she was in prison for this type of scam and yet comes out and does it all over again i guess these people will never learn their lesson but they will go to hell and they will one day be stopped again in fact i think should call the police if possible on people like this do something dont let these people get away with anything they do which is why we have this website to stop these people from having others fall for their garbage scams.

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