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Ginkgo Bioworks - The Dark Truth Behind The Pomp and Show

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Published: 22 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Ginkgo Bioworks is among the most celebrated biotech companies at the moment. They generate millions in revenue and look great as a unicorn. But what many people don’t know is how poorly this company is treating its employees. People think Tom Knight has built a great company that’s working hard to fight the virus. However, no one has heard of the employees this company has fired wrongfully.

Some people have shared their painful experiences of working at Ginkgo Bioworks on Glassdoor and other platforms. But I suspect there are many people suffering under the terrible regime of Tom Knight and his terrible management style. The most common complaint among people is with the management and the leadership.

The first issue among their employees is that the management has made the culture of the company too competitive. They don’t care about their employees and always want them to deliver the best. The thing is, people aren’t machines. You can’t force someone to work hard and expect him to deliver the same quality everyday. The leadership can fire anyone on a whim. I talked with some of the employees working at Ginkgo and they all shared one common complaint, “the leadership is cold-hearted”. What does this mean?

In 2020, when the whole world is struggling with a dangerous pandemic, the only thing that’s running our world is compassion. Any company can fire its employees by claiming that they aren’t earning because of the virus. But it wouldn’t undermine the level of devastation those laid-off employees would have to face. Then why isn’t every company firing people blatantly? Compassion.

I talked with the employees at Ginkgo because I recently found out about the employee complaints against that company. If the management at this place is cold-hearted, you can’t expect the employees to work properly. They might be working hard, but the motivation couldn’t be the rewards. No, they are working out of fear. Tom Knight and his co-founders have built a unicorn on the blood and sweat of 300 employees. Those employees deserve a safe and secure environment. They shouldn’t be forced to work under a tyrannical regime where the people at the top can do anything they like.

Ginkgo Bioworks should address its employees’ concerns. I’m hoping my little essay would help them in realizing the potential of this issue. The employees of Ginkgo Bioworks are scared of bringing up their issues with the management because they don’t want to lose their jobs. Would you call it a safe working environment?

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