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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

If you have the misfortune of doing business with this guy, Larry Little. and his latest company which is now Giovanni Realty, formerly Larry Little Properties, be ready for A LOT of PAIN! He completely false advertises his services and you can use is management agreement for toilet paper. If you do business with Larry Little, you can expect the following: 1) If he offers to rehab your property, you can expect one or all of the follow: extrardinarily shoddy workmanship, time frames taking several times longer than agreed to, completely lying and false updates of progress, he WILL NOT PULL permits despite contracting to do so, he will not fix what is screwed up in the property when he claims he is done, which is an extensive list, and worse, he may just take your money and run! 2) If he introduces an ‘assistant’ that he says is his ‘right hand person’ you can expect that person to be around for a month or two, and quit. He will say they were fired for one reason or another, but don’t believe it. These are nice people he ill equips to do a job and they will all tell you he is near impossible to reach to solve issues. He has to be a nightmare to work for if you care about your job and helping tenants at all because he certainly doesn’t care. 3) He will either be sick, on vacation, busy with clients, or just out of town at least 1/2 the year. This business would seem to be no priority for him whatsoever. 4) He says via advertizing and even in writing he inspects properties twice a year for you to be proactive with maintenance and tenants. That is a total lie. He NEVER inspects properties. Heck, he doesn’t even respond to most of the client complaint of needing maintenance much less and proactiveity whatsoever. 5) If you are EVER lucky enough to actually get a property management report from him, it will never one time match any deposits you will get in your account. This will never happen and trying to get him to reconcile that, well, forget about it. It will never happen. 6) If he is actually to do a maintenance repair, he will insist on cost being as many as 10 to 20 times more than what they actually should be. An example will be that he will try to convince you that you have a major plumbing issue in a property that will cost you $5K to repair and underground collapsed pipe, he will lie and say he had 3 people look at it and confirm it and that is the best price, you you make one call to someone on CL to verify what he said, you will find you had a clogged drain cleared for $50. This is no exaggeration. He will then blame his assistant if you actually do your own checking and call him out. This is one of MANY true and extremely bad examples. If you google Larry Little Properties, you will see many complaint on the BBB about him. Don’t just believe me. All he does it lie all the time. If you dare hire him, don’t worry, it will only take you a very short time to experience it and hopefully not lose your shirt in the process. He has left a LONG TRAIL of carnage of previous clients who don’t have deposits, rent, don’t have rehabs completed, and so much more. I assume he is a serial con artist and continually reinvents a new name and company to take advantage of the unsuspecting. His current broker who he does this all under is named Deborah Bradford. Try to find or get a hold of her. Good luck with that. Perhaps a partner in crime .

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