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The customers have reported that the doctors and staff are very rude and they have got a very bad attitude.

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Glass Orthodontics is a group of thieves and negligent professionals. They steal from you, perform unnecessary procedures and don’t even apologize for it. Many people have had terrible experiences with them, including me. That’s why I’m telling you to avoid these people.
Glass Orthodontics is currently located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Lately, there have been reports that Glass Orthodontics has not been able to deliver their customer service properly and customers are disappointed with it. Patients have been complaining they the doctors and staff at Glass Orthodontics have been unable to answer their questions and clear up the queries. The website of Glass Orthodontics claims they have got one of the best technology but patients have reported that the procedure they follow at Glass Orthodontics is not up to the mark.
Looks like Glass Orthodontics has been keen to make money from customer’s pocket without even ensuring the health of their patients. They betray their patients by claiming their insurance is accepted and then, at last, the patients have to pay what they are billed for. I was cheated by Glass Orthodontics. They had initially promised to cover 90% of the bill through insurance. I was only supposed to pay 10%.  I was the one who had to pay 90% of the bill. This type of forgery by Glass Orthodontics has not been reported by one patient only, there are numerous cases in which patients have shown their concern about Glass Orthodontics and the way they charged their patients by lying. Some people say that most of the employers are switching at Glass Orthodontics just to make some extra money by fraud.
Customers have reported that Glass Orthodontics have been lying to their customers and are keen to make money from the customers pocket by pressurizing them to get the services they don’t even require. The customer who told that the doctors at Glass Orthodontics diagnosed a cracked tooth in his mouth though they couldn’t show it on x-ray, as the doctors recommended a crown immediately, he told them that he will think about it but the doctors kept pressurizing him. Well, when he consulted another doctor for a treatment plan the doctor was bewildered to hear that why he was even asked to have the crown replacement as he has no cracked tooth. It’s been four years and his tooth is still working fine and has no problems.
As being a doctor you want to make sure that your patient feels comfortable with you. You should maintain a healthy talk with him but Glass Orthodontics has not been able to do so. They don’t even answer your questions properly and forced you to avail the services which you don’t even actually want. One of the customers reported that he was pressurized by one of the office managers at Glass Orthodontics to buy toothbrush which cost around $30 which he doesn’t even want.

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