Glenmuir of Naperville

Glenmuir of Naperville

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I could not agree more with the report already written on this company. They are cheap, slimy, and rude. They pride themselves on their “customer service.” Let me tell you that if good customer service is handing somebody a plate of garbage at dinner, but smiling and politely saying sorry while you do it, then this place has great customer serive. The bubbly smilely morons that run the office at this hellhole of an apartment complex will do nothing to ever help any issues you have. They will however, smile, and say sorry….a lot. Broken washer and dryer for over a month. Broken (and very loud) fire panel for over a month. Nothing done until many many (roughly 12) phonecalls/personal meetings to remind them of each issue. They did however smile and say sorry…a lot. | Aside from the wonderful customer service, the apartments are in decent shape, however, the joke of a clubhouse features a workout room including 1 working treadmill, 2 dirty elipticals, no matching freeweights, and god only knows what diseases live in that moist dirty room. | Let’s say you dont care about customer service. Let’s say you dont need the weightroom or the pool. You will still pay for them. I was casually told that in addition to paying my own utilities, that I would pay community area utilities as well (cant wait to pay to fill the pool this spring). I was reassured casually at my lease meeting that the common utility bill would be around 30 dollars per month. No big deal right? Its consistently been 100 dollars per month. Multiply by a year, and thats 1200 dollars you are paying for their garbage facilities. | Let’s say that you dont care about 1200 on top of your already very high priced rent. Fair. However, god forbid you miss a payment with the mandatory first billing website. Featuring no autopay, and the occassional payment that wont go through. There is zero tolerance if you miss a payment, and should you miss, there is a big late fee. Also, they will not accept your firstbilling payment, until you pay your rent. Miss your rent by a day? A whopping 135 dollar fee (most likely increased that fee as I write). | Still want to rent from these disgusting excuses of human beings??? Read on – | I was called 4 months before my lease was up to schedule a “mandatory meeting.” When I asked several times what for/what about, they would not tell me. I asked several times, and quite forcefully. So I scheduled without knowing. They show up to this meeting and say “Congratulations, we are willing to renew your lease.” How lucky am I? She slides a piece of paper across my table, and tells me this is the amount we are charging to a new tenant who wants to rent this unit. The price is 300 dollars more a month than our current lease. She then slides another piece of paper saying that she just so happens to have only one early bird special left for only a 50 dollar increase to our current rent. Again, how lucky are we?! In a very pressured situation to sign to save a lot of money, or wait and pay out the nose, we ended up signing. Now that we no longer wish to live in this miserable place, and so deeply desire to remove the management from our lives, they are refusing to let us leave when our current lease is up. We have 2 months on our current lease, but they are making us keep our renewal for the extra year, despite our 60 day notice that we would no longer like to keep the lease. I understand the lease is a legal document, that we must fulfil, however, 60 days is plenty of notice to find somebody else. During discussions about cancling our renewal, I was lied to by their senior property manager. She threw out fair housing law as some kind of support for why she cannot cancel our lease. She also admitted to purposefully wasting my time when I called her out on trying to schedule a meeting with one of their trainees. | Bottom line. They care only about your money, and making sure they are covered no matter what, to take as much as possible, and keep you trapped as long as possible. I dont understand how these people sleep at night, fully knowing how much stress and financial burden they put on other humans. They are bad people. This is a bad company. Avoid at all costs.

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