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Glimm Screens International

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We have contacted Glimm display on multiple occasions. We have sent over $110,000.00 USD to him and only recieved about $20,000.00 usd in product. He has not sent any other product to us and always gives excuses such as its either a hoilday or he is out of the country on a job. | Dont let this man fool you, he says he will send something to you that he makes and will use a third party and sell to you. He does not manufacture anything. He says he manufactures films but upon investigation he contracts another company to create the films. Him and his wife run the company but when on the phone with him he comes up with excuses. He has scammed 9 of my friends and other people i know that have done business with him but still have not recieved product over a 6 month period. Im not sure how this man does business or should i say still in business. | He has opened a location in the USA and they are the only company that i know of that has come thorugh with their product and services. Mr. Bjorn wife who is alleged name is Iris Simon is just as guilty as he is she covers up his lies for business reasons. We have tried to get our money back from Glimm Display and has been almost a year and have not recieved anything from him not our money or product. I should have checked his business name before buying anything from him. Do not send this man any money you will not get it back from your bank or his bank or from him. His system is you send money to him to Robo Bank and he takes all the money out so if you reverse your transaction you cant get it cause all the money is out so the bank will not give you your money back. | Here at the list of current names he uses to scam people. He will invite you to go and see his business but if you want product while your there it will not happen either way. His excuse is we have to make it and order parts for it to make it. Same excuses same lies and still no product. Unfortunately our laws in the USA are different over there so prosecution cannot hold for what this man does. Even if you go to this mans country to visit his store and make a case they will refer back to US laws which are different so nothing can be done. He gets money and you get nothing, big SCAMMER!!

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