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Published: 20 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On MAy 15 I was contacted by this company to see what was going on with my payments and to figure a way to bring it current so I said ok lets see what we can work out. Very friendly person had reviewedd my accoutn to see my ppayment history and was willing to work with me apparentl. So we made the arrangemetns did the post dated payments etc. I was quite impreseed withthem initiating a call to me first of all since I had already been communication with my “rep” with no problem. I never avoid calls I return calls or whatever and respond in a timely manner per previous conversations. Ok well On 5/23 I received a call from my “rep” who stated customer we are cancelling what we reached out to you to set up and that person who called you should have reached out to me first and toetally blamed me for making these arrangements with their companys rep who reached out to me!! So Im like this is a joke and became very upset that becuase Global lending Services failed to communicate with each other internally as a customer I was being penalized and being told that all of these actions were about to take place IMMEDIATELY! So I esacaleted to a member of management within their company and the conversation quickly went sour as the “stoopervisor” came on the line and basically cussed me out for making the arrangements he did apologize finally but said there was nothing he could do. Os I felt i had a little negotiating room logically thinkgin since they finally apologized and they were taking accountablilty for their error. Oh no my offer to come to a middle ground with them was quckly denied and again I was threatened with the immediate action that would be taken! At what point is this company going to take accountability for their mistake if the notes had been read initially by the rep who called 5/15 then I would have never received a call because they would have saw that I wasworking with a rep but this was some kind of “special offer” even though I mentioned that I had a rep and this supposedly superceeded that previously information. So I am livid at this point and want this information broadcasted about this company and will work as hard as I have to to get this relationship closed with this lender as soon as possible because apparently they are not a reputable company that believes in integrity or taking accountablilty for their actions. If you deal with this company I suggest that even though they provide you with the document stating that this is what we have agreed upon theybecome “bi polar” if you will and suddenly renig on whatever they (as a company) previously agreed and black and white documents dont mean a thing. I am sure that legally I could fight this battle and I am contemlating thisright now but I want this information publised for the next customer becuase a lesson needs to be learned on both sides from this ratchet comapny that apparently allemployees sit in a quad or something because a request to escalate to a manager only goes as far as a immediate superviosr to a rgular cutomer srvice rep and per “lester” he is the top so I guess Lester is the CEO og Global Lending congrats livid customer lesson learned.

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