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Global Autos Cash Car Rentals Review

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Published: 04 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These people are ripping off everyone that goes there. They advertise nice cars and they make you put a cash deposit down to hold your reservation. They only take a cash deposit because they say its easier and they dont have to pay a fee for the credit/debit card. Then the dy that you go there to pick up ypur rental they will give you a run down ugly beat up car and if you dont take it they will keep your cash deposit that you left. They dont have any of the cars that they advertise. They practice shady business deals and they are theives. This is what happened to me. I rented a 15 passenger van for our football boys to go to a tournament in california. Mike from Global wanted a $300.00 deposit. I went to Global and he said that they needed a cash deposit because of the bank fees. I didnt have $300.00 cash so I gave him $280.00 cash and I informed him that we were going to California and that I was one of the chaperones for the boys. He assured me that everything was good and I had nothing to worry about. The day of the rental I went to Global and proceeded to rent the van and was told that the old Airport Shuttle van that was parked outside of the facility was the van that they were given me. The van was embarrasing and nothing like in the website pictures. It was a Black faded van with half peeled off Airport Shuttle stickers all over it and really beat up. I refused the rental and demanded a normal 15 passenger van they point blankly said that if I dont take that rental then I lose out on my deposit and thats it. They also told me at that time that I have 500 free miles because they are giving me 100 miles a day knowing that were going to California and I would be charged 40 cents per mile after that. They never mentioned that at all when I put the deposit. I asked to speak to a manager and they said there were no mnager and that it was too bad. They are just making up rules as they go. There were 4 men working there and they bullied me and kicked me out. There were also othere people there that was going through the same thing as us. John and Mike was really really rude and was trying to intimidate me. I ended up leaving and rented another van from somewhere else and they didnt give me my money back. Im taking them to court to get my money back. Our football boys worked really hard to raise that money and these guys ripped them off. Shame on them.

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