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Published: 12 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was in Vegas for the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and hit one of the ATM’s at the Mirage (Owned by MGM Grand) with a buddy. I was a little embarrased when I was rejected by the machine for attempting to withdraw $400 from an account that I knew had plenty of cash in it. I would likely have gambled the cash, so not getting it felt like a blessing at the time. Later on that night I verified that I had enough in the account and thought nothing more about it until a couple days later when I noticed that this company had hit my account for the money and fee. I contacted my bank right away to dispute, and they began an investagation. My bank credited my account temporarily, while the investigation worked itself out. With all the technology in the world today, not to mention the eye in the sky cameras everywhere in the casinos, I figured the investigation would be a non-issue. Wrong. Yesterday my bank heard back from Global saying that they’re disputing my story because of some report that their machine generates showing the ‘ledger’ to be balanced. So. my bank automatically hits my account for the money and says I have to work it out with the ATM company directly. WTF Fifth Third. I called the Mirage and found out Global was the 3rd party company (also a casino gaming organization) who administers the ATMs. After speaking to the disputes department at Global, I found out that they don’t have camera’s on their ATMs, relying on the casino cameras when dealing with evidentiary issues. Pretty convenient, as the Mirage security folks will not share any camera footage without court order. So, I’m stuck with a $400 hit on my account, and have to dispute an error on a machine owned by company who seems to have done this many times to other people, according to other internet sites. What a racket.

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