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WORST Customer Service EVER!!!

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Published: 05 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If I had to describe the Global Cash Card in one word, then it would be AWFUL. They are going to make your banking nightmares into reality and believe me that is not an overstatement. I transferred a sum of money to my Bank of America account and they charged my card for no reason, seeing this nonsense, I called the customer service of Global Cash Card. And they did not help me at all, they didn’t ask me any information and they froze my account just because I called them. I do understand why they wouldn’t ask my banking information, but blocking my fucking account is totally absurd. What is the logic behind this shit?! And to make things better, they didn’t answer my query as well.

I haven’t experienced such careless and irresponsible customer support in my whole life.
In order get my account reactivated, I had to call the company dozens of times and to make things worse, they kept putting me on hold for up to 45 minutes and I was connected to a different representative after that. And I had to explain to him/her the whole situation all over again. This cycle was quite frustrating! They told me to upload a picture of my personal ID card to a cloud for their “verification purposes” and after that, they took 2 weeks just to process the information. Their system is painfully slow considering that all of it is done online. A simple thing like reactivation of a card shouldn’t take more than a couple of business days and these guys took WEEKS for that shit.

I can’t believe that a company which claims to provide one of the best customer services is going to give such hazardous experience. Please stay away from these careless freaks. I have not seen a private company treat their customers like these guys do. They lie about their customer service quality and it is just pathetic.
I am not the only one who has suffered because of the laziness of their staff. Many other people have faced similar issues. A friend of mine got her card blocked too and the company didn’t even pick up her phone! She called them dozens of times for many days and they responded after 4 days. Even though they responded, they weren’t eager to solve the issue and they were just giving automated replies. Another friend of mine was charged $30 for no reason at all when he contacted the company; they said that it was a penalty of some sort. And when he asked them to explain this “penalty” charge in detail, they started making excuses and avoided the questions.

If you think that you have seen or experienced the worst customer service, then this company is going to change that for you. These guys are unbelievably dumb and irresponsible.

I would advise everyone to keep away from this company. Go for any other company but Global Cash Card, you are not going to regret your decision.

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