Global Communications, Inc.

Global Communications, Inc.

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Global Communications owned and operated by: Terry Taylor, Jr 212 Coburn Dr. Nicholasville, KY 40356 Dealer ID: 1788225 told myself and about seven others that we could work for him to pay off a franchise to become our own dealers for offering Satellite and Internet service to residents. He stated that the franchise would cost $5000 but when we signed the contract, the contract stated that the Franchise fee was $0.00 and that 20% of $0.00 would be taken out of all of our commissions. | I have a copy of the signed contract. This took place in October. I’ve only been paid for two deals that I know of and even those have been shorted, because he took 20 to 40% out of those. He has bounced checks with us and just flat out refused to pay us altogether on most deals. In attempts to retrieve my funds, Terry has called my wife and I niggers and other derogatory names. He also has threatened to come into my home to hurt, harm, and even murder me and my family. | He stated to me that he used to be in special forces and used to kill people for a living before he started selling Satellite. I just want what’s owed to me and be finished with all of this with Terry. He has misrepresented Perfect 10, Directv, AT&T, DISH, and Vivint on so many levels. | I owe employees, and am behind on several bills, all because he hasn’t paid me for he entire month of December and most of November 2017. His worthless checks has trashed my business account and my reputation is being diminished because I haven’t been able to pay employees. He said that he would never make good on the checks and that he would never pay what is owed. I later found out, from his family members and former associates, that Terry Taylor has been doing this for a while. He constantly changes his business name and flips from Lexington to Nicholasville. Other cities too. The DA’s office in Lexington said that he has a history of floating bad checks dating back to 2008.

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