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Published: 30 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to work at this company in November of 2013 and was suprised that this company was not disabled friendly and thought when the ADA was passed that companies had to be disabled friendly. This company was 100% not disabled friendly. They are in a buisiness park that was built in 1961 and thought that companies today had to comply when someone cannot get in to the building without the building being disabled friendly. I thought the entire point of the ADA was to protect the disabled. I called the state of Oregon to report these guys and found out there is a grandfather clause that says that many companies do not have to comply with the ADA if the building was built before the early 1990’s when the ADA was passed. Also this company sucks because they want you to know in 6 hours of training three seperate hard computer programs that takes days or many hours to learn that were very difficult. I am disabled from a car wreck in 2006 and also am mentally slow and cannot learn all this technology especially in 6 hours of training in one day. They did not even care if I learned it or not. They just wanted thousands of people to get in and out of training and not even care if you learned it or not. It is not my falt the car accident happened but am suprized that so many companies are getting around the ADA. The lady at the state of Oregon where I told them about Global Contact Solutions discriminating against disabled people told me she knew of at least 25 buildings in the Portland Oregon area that were doing this and discriminating against the disabled and not helping them get into their offices in any way. I asked her what was being done about it and she said nothing could be done. I said you know yes something can be done and I told her I would tell them to stick it and that I was not going to work for them with this kind of attitude like I woke up and caused my own disability. That is the way that I felt those 6 hours that I was at Global Contact Solutions. I just want people to understand to never ever ever ever ever never ever never ever ever never ever work for a company that 1000% discriminates against the disabled. I will continue to be on welfare as long as this is happening and their tax dollars are going to continue to pay for me to sit on my butt. As long as things do not work right and companies treat people like dirt, more and more and more and more and more will be on welfare all the time. Now 50% of the public in Portland are on welfare because of this kinda crap. I hate your GUTS Global Contact Solutions. I hope you get fined for your actions. You should never be able to get around ADA or give me a crummy training program and get me to know technology in hours rather than days. That is just not right. I hope that someone investigates you for discriminating against me and blaming me for my disability. .

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