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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The first red flag was during our negotiations. Mr. Tom Marcello of GICC, LLC was acting as an attorney for this company but failed to mention he was not. We discovered he is not a licensed attorney rather a consultant for the company. Due to his lack of legal expertise, additional legal expenses were incurred on our end going back & forth with the terms of the Agreement far too many times than it would have took with a licensed attorney. We gave these guys a serious down payment for an exclusive Agreement. When we started to order product, they could not fufill the smallest orders. We actually lost a client due to GICC, LLC.’s lack of ability to supply product within an agreed upon & reasonable time-frame. We were told many mistruths relating to certain shipping issues which allegedly delayed our shipment of product & when we followed up with these alleged shipping errors, we found out they were fabricated stories as we talked directly to the shipping company (a local, small firm). We asked for specific testing documentation from Mr. Martin & Kevin Martin in order to close a deal with a very large company with multiple locations. They could not provide the adequate documentation that we requested. They do not have any credible US agency’s testing documentation & were unable to provide any real, valid documentation. Their story behind this is a good one how the EPA does not test “natural products” EPA exempt, FDA exempt, yet untrue. They simply do not have the funds to pay for such testing & it is my opinion that even if they had the funding, they would not move forward with the testing as their “product” is not what they claim it is. They take their own before & after tests which is completely unethical as the testing can be manipulated in any way in which the individual performing the tests wants to manipulate the readings. They take the samples collected & send them to an independent 3rd party laboratory. They do not have independent groups physically collecting the samples to ensure the sampling is accurate & true & then that company should send samples off to a 3rd party laboratory which is the most accurate & professional way of performing these tests. We were told before we signed our Agreement & during the course of our agreement, that Mr. Art Martin was going over to Saudi Arabia next month to close a deal with the Prince, then it was dragged out to the following month, then the next month, then the next month. He never ended up going over to Saudi Arabia during the length of our Agreement. This obviously was a ploy to get our agreement completed with him & receive our money as he kept dangling the Saudi carrot in front of us. GICC, LLC. also violated our NCND Agreement in several ways which is completely unethical & illegal. Due to our current lawsuit against them, I cannot divulge any additinoal information relating to this. GICC LLC failed to perform every facet of our Agreement therefore we have demanded our deposit back & refuse to complete our end of the Agreement which is to give them additional funding. They now refuse to answer any calls, emails & texts. The last communication by their VP Kevin Martin was very unprofessional & displayed his immaturity & lack of business experience. This is a struggling mom & pop company operating out of their garage. Had we known this prior to, we would have never entertained an agreement with them. My group continued to try & work with these guys to get the additioanl info needed & help in any aspect needed to make the Agreement work & move forward with business. Once I made it clear we were not going to give them any additional funding until we were comfortable with the red flags that kept popping up, they all disappeared. As far as my group is concerned, these guys are professional & very believable Snake Oil Salesman. If their product truly did what they claim it does, how come it is not in 1 single US property? How come it is not on every cruise ship? Airplane? Airport? School? Hospital? I would strongly advise against giving these guys a penny or I can assure you it will end up in litigation as we are trying to recover money that we now feel was stolen by their acts of defrauding & misrepresenting their company, it’s assets, it’s affiliates & it’s products.

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